End of the Week: What the Wii-U World Wants

There has been an interesting trend within the Gamer World of today. And that trend is to obstinately label gaming companies and all the works they bring forth, and hold fast to those views regardless of the changes within the gaming world itself.

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Timmer2713d ago

I quite liked that article, and the author did seem to sum up the feeling across the web.

Though, he did just go after the average anti-Nintendo fanboy. It would have been interesting for him to factor in what Nintendo fans like myself are saying about it.

I'm not entirely sold on the Wii U, not until I see large amounts of good software from 3rd Party devs come out, but I will admit, I'm incredibly excited about the possibilities.

Xander-RKoS2713d ago

Good point. I'm personally already sold on the idea of the Wii U. I've seen a video of Ghost Recon that used the controller in a interesting way, so I'm pretty psyched about that.