Where There’s Smoke: Team Bondi’s Sydney “Sweat Shop”

VG247: "Everyone’s talking about Team Bondi, but is the Sydney studio just one of a growing number of developers bedevilled by harsh working conditions?"

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BakedGoods2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

The problem with many industry's that produce 'art' is management can often take advantage of a worker's passion for producing that art. This is exactly what the game industry is doing. Workers: Look to the unionization of the TV/film industry for some pro-tips.

thebudgetgamer2665d ago

sorry, but comparing people making video games and some little girl working 18 hours a day for basically nothing is silly.

ZombieAssassin2665d ago

I think the whole thing is silly, I know so many people who have had to work 12-16 hour days 7 days a week for months at a time (sure they prolly could of said no but then when lay offs come who do you think gets kicked to the curb). I just think it's stupid for these people to think they are any different from and other type of labor out in the world, just be happy you have a job if you don't like the working conditions then try to find a different one.

trounbyfire2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

they aren't making 10 cent an hour and don't have unions and no regulations and oh many get raped and can do nothing about it.

next time you put on shoes or drink coffee think about that. Sweat Shop and sex trafficking are our dirty little secret. well more like as long as the coffee keeps coming i don't care

typical human behavior- its sickening i hate human behavior

SlickShoes2665d ago

Ive posted this before but I worked at Rockstar in 2005 and for a good 3 months i never saw my friends and the only time i was at home was to sleep, wash and change my clothes.

They took care of you, the massive amounts of overtime meant you came out the other end with a fair whack of money, and food and drink is always supplied for free.

Still working so much takes its toll, we once done a full month without a day off and most of those days were 12-16 hours. Only sundays would be 4-6 hours as a break.

Before development reaches close to release the place runs more like a normal office. Also after release all staff at rockstar were given 1 months paid leave to do what they want with.

Derekvinyard132665d ago

sound good and bad in some areas, what made you stop working there? to much hours?

SlickShoes2665d ago

It was only a 1 year contract and once the sheer volume of work was gone so was the job, only about 3 people got kept on.

The job was great but the hours were a total killer, working 9-9 6 days a week and sleeping all day sunday was just rubbish.

After that I had job offers from mobile game devs on obscure places to test shitty games which really didnt appeal, at least at rockstar it was a good game.

Ended up getting a job in IT Support and now do lab/server management for games courses at a university with normal working hours and better pay!

ExitToExisT2665d ago

sorry but i dont feel bad for the people that worked at hard conditions , because they had the option to quit , and they were definitely making a lot money then the chinese sweatshop workers