CVG- Luigi's Mansion 2: The sequel you forgot you wanted

CVG: "Besides, the fact that it resembles the original is no bad thing. This offers a remarkably faithful recreation of the Cube game's lovely looks, and might be the most gorgeous 3DS game so far. The fixed camera, following the action from an unusually intimate perspective, is the perfect showcase for 3D - a remarkable sensation of depth makes every room look like a tiny theatre set.

The only visual quibble so far surrounds Don't try this at home, kids. Luigi might make it look simple, but it's not, You'll be a sometimes iffy frame rate, but with at least six months of development time to go, there's plenty of time to iron out any such technical wrinkles."

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MrSpace2660d ago

I never forgot...I just thought it deserved a console release instead, maybe for the Wii U using full use of it's new controler

Venox20082659d ago

i've always wanted a sequel.. no matter on wii or 3ds