GGTL - Beta Impressions: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

GGTL: "Maybe I've played too much inFamous 2. Feel free to put my complaints down to that. Zipping around New Marais at a mile a minute, slicing through the dank air with thrusters or punching upwards on a shard of ice... it melts your mind, so that anything other than constant movement feels slow and irritating. That's why it was such an abrupt jolt when I leapt into the Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception beta: everything felt awkward and lazy."

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mooper502660d ago

lol we'll see the sales numbers when the game comes out bud...the last time check drake wasn't a superhero with lighting that could grind on a powerline....lets keep that in mind.

MaxXAttaxX2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

He needs to know that this isn't an FPS and the same exact principals don't apply to a platforming third-person shooter.
Either that or this guy really needs to learn HOW to play the game, instead of trying to play it the way other MPs play.

Medals aren't the answer to "killstreaks". They've been around since Uncharted 1's single-player mode.
And I enjoy kickbacks. If everyone was EXACTLY the same, it'd be kinda boring. I like variety. It's actually kinda fun.
Don't like that? Try hardcore mode. No boosters or kickbacks.

The higher health gives you a chance to counter or take cover.
This isn't an instant-kill-upon-encounter type of game like COD.

If you've emptied a full clip into someone and they're still alive, that means you're missing a lot and need to get better.
The AK is better for mid range kills not long range. So you can't pick off people from the other side of the map. For that you need a sniper or be a good shot with the G-MAL.
And learn to melee please.

This site can't even rotate their images properly, lol.

Holeran2652d ago

This guy and I must have been playing different versions of the Uncharted 3 beta because I fell in love with it.