Batman: Arkham Asylum Joins the Steam Summer Camp Sale for $7.49 Haven't played Batman: Arkham Asylum yet? Then that's an issue! Correct it by heading over to Steam and picking it up for $7.49 from their 'Summer Camp Sale'.

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khan_saab2665d ago

great price but unfortunately i need it to be on disc for me to buy it

Kamikaze1352665d ago

You can back the game up on a DVD and just play it from the DVD if it means that much to you ;)

Kurylo3d2665d ago

Why on earth would you need it on a disc? I see no logic in that... You do realize discs will be faded out completely within the next 10 years. Its all going online, cloud computing, and download stores.

kingdavid2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

I prefer things to be on disc too rather than download.

When I pay for something I generally prefer to have it in hardcopy form than in digital. Same as if Id prefer to watch something on dvd/blu ray than download it. You feel like you are actually getting something with your money rather than a few gigabytes of data.

Its just the commemoratory value of it. Mind you, at 6 bucks and if I wanted batman I would snap this up.

Kurylo3d2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

yea but, i mean are you going to play frisby with that disc? the disc is just another medium of transporting the data. Id just as well transport that data over the web and house it on my hard drive. What happens if the dog chews up your frisby.

Your spending the money on whats on the disc... not the disc itself.

RBLAZE19882664d ago

It stays with your steam account forever tho so you always have it and it can't break like a disc. Only downside would be if the internet was shut down and you couldn't re-download it but you can make a back up