Live Chat with Sims 3 Producer

Real life got you down? Well you can always have a mid-life crisis and go down a wacky career path in the Sims! Fans who are looking for some new, well...stuff, needn't wait much longer. The Sims 3 Town Life stuff pack is getting released soon, and what's more fans can tune in for a live chat with Sims 3 producer Jennifer Lane.

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Cwalk8162750d ago

People shouldn't have to pay for things as simple as item packs, I can understand expansions. I just think they should release the items for free.

jesscamegan2750d ago

That's pretty cool. I think it's great when producers are willing to talk to fans!

ares21al2750d ago

Its always nice when they take the tie to do this, It shows they are not out of touch with the fans

TinaLauro2750d ago

This kind of thing always excites me, but when you throw the Sims into the mix... wow!