Mass Effect 3 Limited Collector’s Edition: Epic Quality For An Inevitably Epic Game?


"Mass Effect 3: the epic finale to an epic trilogy developed by Bioware and EA.

"But before we find out we need to decide which version of the end the Mass Effect trilogy to purchase.

"What is a more fitting end to the epic series of Mass Effect than an equally epic Special Edition? But is the announced Collector’s Edition worth it?"

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Proeliator2660d ago

It looks enticing, but absolutely no making-of videos?


MrSpace2659d ago

Why would you want Collectors Editions to have a "Making of" would be a waste to have something like that in a CE. The whole point is to have something collectible.

Besides Making of stuff should already be in the games disc as bonus content like NaughtyDog do with Uncharted instead of making us pay extra for it.

Charmers2659d ago

The reason why there is no "making of" dvd in the collectors edition is that they are making the videos available to ALL via their Bioware pulse channel. You can watch them as they are released here :-


MrSpace2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

and that's how they should be


EDIT: For the people disagreeing with my comment above

You really would pay extra for stuff which should already be on the disc......right ok then ¬¬

MrSpace2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

I thought they would of went all out on this like Epic have done with the Gears of War 3 Epic Edition or how Bungie did with there last Halo game, Halo Reach.

I thought we would of got this as the Collector Edition and then we would of saw a bigger and better "N7" CE. Maybe with a Normandy/Sheaperd statue or Garrus's Eye piece. Hell they could of went out with a bigger bang and had little pieces of stuff belonging to each character.

I mean you can even go to Gamestop, buy the Gears 3 Epic Edition AND bundle it with a replica retro lancer.........that is Epic

gaminoz2659d ago

I agree this is another missed opportunity. A game like this screams for a little ship model - nothing as elaborate as the COD remote control one, but a little die cast collectible. It is kind of sad that DLC seems to be replacing real stuff. But soundtracks and art books (if done well) are good inclusions.

Nate-Dog2659d ago

It's alright but that's really it tbh. I prefer the Mass Effect CE even though the codex was a bit short (although it had everything that was in the main codex in-game so can't really complain) and had all stuff that I was interested in and not pointless in-game content. This is nowhere near as epic as it could be. I remember seeing someone comment on a previous article about this saying maybe a proper limited edition with an epic Normandy ship model and thought that was an awesome idea and I would totally pay for that. And other ideas like MrSpace's about a statue of Shepard or something of all the characters if possible sounds pretty cool too, but the current CE is pretty poor.

femshep2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

how exactly is the game epic after they watered it down so much it has no rpg elements in it AND there adding an unnecessary multiplayer because people cried that there wasn't one?

im borrowing this from a friend just to see how it ends but after what bioware has proven they will never get a dime from me again unless they hd remake KOTOR

BadCircuit2659d ago

I agree that the RPG part of the game is not the best but I like the idea of having a branching story with different endings, I just hope they make the game like they have promised.

femshep2659d ago

they already broken half there promises, the only way that they can make up for this is if its almost 100 hours for the story alone and im left in tear because of the shock and awe

but they showed "dude bro les blow sh*t up"

TheOtherTheoG2659d ago

a) How do RPG elements, as in stats, loot, etc., make a game more epic? Surely epic would be cinematic quality, right, and ME does that well.

b) ME3 will NOT have multiplayer. That has always just been a rumour, and has never progressed beyond that stage

c) So you'd rather they just milk a game from 8 years ago than, you know, finish the plot line of probably their most successful original IP's, one of the best new IP's of the generation, hell, you wouldn't even be satisfied if they made another sequel? It simply makes no sense, full stop.

krazykombatant2659d ago

Ummm no one has said that multiplayer has been incorporated into the game. Soo idk where you getting your intel from is it from the illusive man cuz if soo i'm afraid to tell you that hes BADDDDD!.. Unlike his son he isn't winning.

gaminoz2659d ago

All games these days are concentrating on the 'action' aspect of their games more than other areas, to satisfy more mainstream gamers. That inevitably means sacrifices to things like RPG elements, even in an RPG game!

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