Bioshock Infinite's protagonist Booker DeWitt appearance revealed

That gorgeous cover art, by Irrational’s own Ben Lo, marks the first time the face of Infinite’s protagonist, Booker DeWitt. And while the Ken interview is the primary focus of the feature, there’s also a nifty sidebar with background on a number of Infinite inspirations like the 1893 Columbia World’s Fair, the roots of the female figure Columbia as national personification, and–of course–zeppelins.

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Quagmire2660d ago

aww...was kinda hoping they'd keep the anonymous route

MachoMoustachio2660d ago

He looks like CJ from San Andreas.

BubbleSniper2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

I take that back, he looks more like this guy

MidnytRain2660d ago

His voice reminded me of Nolan North when he was screaming at that big, augmented guy that ambushed them on a bridge.

Ness-Psi2660d ago

he looks like he's wearing a Nazi outfit.

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