A look at Tales of Xillia’s character development system

Gema: "Yesterday, we told you about Tales of Xillia‘s orb-based character development system. Today, we bring you a scan from the latest issue of Famitsu depicting the system."

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Kur02658d ago

I really hope they localize it within six months after release.

NewMonday2658d ago

we should start a preemptive petition to Sony and Namco.

Minato-Namikaze2658d ago

I agree. I need more jrpg's

Infernostew2658d ago

It has nothing to do with Sony. Namco's the one who's been holding back on localizing tales games.

NewMonday2658d ago

its exclusive, Sony should do something about it, MS(when they cared) made Namco publish TOV in the west the same month it released in Japan.

and Sony is guilty of this themselves, they published Daemon Souls in Japan only, its only because Atlus that we got to play it, and their is the acclaimed 1st party PSN game Vicious, its ignored too.

Deadman_Senji2658d ago

Microsoft is why Vesperia wasn't localized on the PS3.

More people should know this.

dragonknight42658d ago

People need to put their money where their mouth is. If people want Tales of Xillia, then they need to buy, and get their friends to buy Tales of Graces f when it is released. Remember people, companies like Bamco don't care about what people say on forums. They only care about their financial statements. I for one will be getting both Graces and Xillia.