First Impressions: Journey Open Beta - GB.CO

Developed by the aptly named thatgamecompany, Journey is the third game they will develop in a three-game exclusivity contract they signed with Sony back during the development of flOw. Since then flOw and Flower have become hit games for their innovative gameplay, atmosphere, and beautiful art styles. Now I'm here to tell you a (little) about Journey, and if you only take one thing away from this article then let it be this: It not only achieves the same level of creativity and atmosphere that the previous TGC games have, but surpasses them.

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Gray-Fox-Type02660d ago

This game sure does look very interesting :D And the meeting the player who you don't know its very interesting concept but what happens if I bond with that player and wish to add them to my friends list haha as they wont appear on the recent list? I am sure in a real life desert you would able to get there name if you asked :D

Bounkass2660d ago

I must say, I LOVED the beta. Can't wait to get my hands on the real deal!