Take-Two file 'Rockstar Films' trademark, might produce a GTA movie

SystemLink: "It seems like trademarks are all the rage these days. After SystemLink exclusively broke news of a ZeniMax 'Dishonored' trademark, we're back after more internet digging. This time, the dirt under our fingernails is from collecting all information we can possibly get regarding 'Rockstar Films'."

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Yi-Long2664d ago

... I'll be auditioning for the role of Niko! I can do the accent perfectly, plus I have that eastern european look!

Oh man, I'll be so famous!

kidnplay2664d ago

I can only hope that this is true. Though a Grand Theft Auto film doesn't really excite me much as a prospect, the idea of L.A. Noire becoming a movie - complete with proper, grimy film noir style - is possibly one of the most exciting ideas in the world.

scotchmouth2664d ago

GTA doesn't work as a movie. The freedom and choices that the player makes is what makes the game. There are multiple ways to approach a mission. The way they unfold vary based on a players decision.

In a movie the viewer has no choice and offers no input. So you get an action movie with the GTA name. It will sell though because most people aren't discerning.

TXIDarkAvenger2664d ago

I'm curious to see how this would work or maybe not. GTA isn't the type of game u make into a movie.

lzim2664d ago

Red Faction got the treatment, maybe Saints Row will be next.

thebudgetgamer2664d ago

i always thought they were not able due to the gta movie from the 70's.