PlayStation Comic Store On PSP Is Shutting Down

The PSP Digital Comic Service is no longer going to be updated. The news was dropped today in a blog post on the Official EU PlayStation Blog. The service, which became operation in late 2009, has a collection of over 3900+ comics, some of which are free of charge.

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Gray-Fox-Type02754d ago

I think people are forgetting that a PSP homebrew existed called PSPComic. It allowed people to view comics on their PSPs with CFW and was not limited to what was available on the redundent Digital Comic store, as users were able to download their favourite comics.

sinncross2754d ago

This sucks for PSP users. But I think this may be a hint at what is to come for PS Suite. My belief is that Sony will allow all their non-game services on PSN to be on PS Suite as it opens these services to a larger demographic that is the Android market, and inevitably PS Vita as well.

jujubee882754d ago

No, there is a screenshot that hints comics will have its own app in PS Vita. If there is going to be some comics purchasing for Android it would not be within PS Suite rather, a different app all together.

But, the keyword used in the press release was Sony devices so, Xperia Play, S1/2 and PS Vita will likely be the candidates for some new comic venue.

Tuxmask552754d ago

There was a comic store?

DeeZee2754d ago

Yeah, for like years now.

Christopher2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Just wasn't implemented well. Honestly, not of them really are. The format also wasn't really all that good compared to tablet devices out now.

I do digital comics on the iPad Marvel app, but even then typically only when they go on sell for $0.99.

What so many digital content distributors completely miss out on is the concept of bundling items together for a lower prices, but achieving greater sales overall. Something Steam, iTunes, Amazon UnBox have done much better than everyone else to-date.

Miiikeyyy2754d ago

I don't think there was tablet devices when this comic thing first came out

Christopher2754d ago

There was the iPad, but it's failed since then because of the success of tablet devices and smart phones. Both offer the same or better options, but they also come with built-in memory and no need for PC-managed backups.

killerhog2754d ago

i do the same for the DC comic app (which by the way is 100 times better than the marvel comic app just throwing it in there in case anyone was wondering) and i only download their free comics or am tempting to buy when its 99cents

maniac762754d ago

They should have had this on ps3 in full hd,but now that I have a tablet I could care less lol

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The story is too old to be commented.