4.8 Reviews White Knight Chronicles 2

White Knight Chronicles 2 is here and it wants your money! Included with your purchase is White Knight Chronicles itself which, at first glance, sounds like a great idea and an increased value opportunity for consumers. So, how good is this sequel? Let's find out!

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NewMonday2660d ago

very harsh, so far the complaints about this game is that it throws you in the middle without explanations, players should start from the first part, its in the disc free and improved.

and combat is about setup, just put the primary attacks in the first set of bars, the combos in the second, and magic in the third, buff up before a hard fight... that's pretty much it.

anyone who liked Level-5 games will like this one.

Xof2660d ago

It's kind of silly to complain about not seeing tutorial BS in a direct sequel. Particularly if the combat system is the same.

The only valid complaints about WKC I've heard seem to be that it recycles a lot of areas from the first game.

koehler832660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

I would think it's fair to assume you've played the first one if you want to play the second.

In case you haven't played the first and didn't know: WKC1 and WKC2 are the same game split in the middle and sold twice. There is no point playing or wanting to play the second without playing the first.

Xof2660d ago

Not if the Internet gives them a series of stern lectures.

Pintheshadows2660d ago

There seems to be no middleground with the WKC games. I enjoyed the first and will no doubt enjoy the second. My god though, reviewers like tearing it apart.

sikbeta2660d ago

lol way to low... guess If it doesn't have guns, it isn't good... :P

Capt-FuzzyPants2660d ago

Yes! bubbles up for you well minded sir.

HaVoK3082660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

It is the subjective opinion of the reviewer. There are no Right or Wrong reviews. No absolute truths and no arguments to be had. Have faith in your own opinion or do you need justification for your purchases. Do you need everyone to agree with you so you can rationalize what you do and do not like? You could always go find a review you agree with. But that would be to easy huh? You would probably prefer a redundant argument. Or you could right your very own review. You have not played the game yet...but what does that really matter. Right.

Reviews are opinions by people who get paid to have them.

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The story is too old to be commented.