Star Trek First Impressions [Game Revolution]

Star Trek fans have been usually met with video game adaptations that couldn't even pass their Star Fleet entrance exams, so to quote Nero from the trailer from the 2009 Star Trek movie: "I've been waiting for this day my whole life... This day of reckoning."

~ Nick Tan, Game Revolution

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dbjj120882752d ago

that Abrams movie was so fantastic i'm scared to play a game and ruin the star trek high i've been on

doctorstrange2752d ago

It really restored my faith in the franchise

femshep2752d ago

movie based game....nuff said, plus that demo they showed at e3 looked so horrid

insertcoin2752d ago

Really? I thought it was fantastic, especially for pre-alpha.

BakedGoods2752d ago

Everyone says 'pre-alpha'. BF3 footage was 'pre-alpha'--yet it comes out in three months.

Pintheshadows2752d ago

It isn't based on the new movie so they are not constrained by the story from it. Also the demo looked fantastic. And that was pre alpha. And it's Digital Extremes who know how to make games. Research goes along way to alleviating your concerns.

BigWoopMagazine2752d ago

Didn't even realize this was there... man, I gotta explore more of those meeting rooms next year

Foxgod2752d ago

Not sure if this is going to be as good as voyager away team was back then.
But if it will, itl be on my radar.

Pintheshadows2752d ago

That was awesome Commandos style goodness. My personal favourite Trek game is still Bridge Commander. I yearn for a sequel but developers seem to have forgotten about the space combat genre. I've been waiting for Freespace 3 for almost 8 years.