Finding Yourself Through Games

GP blogger, BeKnight writes, "Often a time people say that ‘the hardest person to know is yourself’. Yet I say this deceptively complicated question can be answered simply by looking at the games we play, and how we play them. For it is in a videogame world, we are able to truly lose ourselves, step into the shoes of a hulking space marine, play god as we control the lives of little people, and take up the role as a decorated general in command of vast armies. How then, would stepping into someone else’s shoes reflect who we are? I believe truly, that by stepping into the role of another person or being, we are automatically relinquished of societal expectations, no longer do we need to worry about the judgmental eyes of the public, and any expectations can be thrown out the window. I believe in someone else’s shoes, we can truly find ourselves and further ourselves in a pursuit to become better people. Where else does this opportunity arise other than in video games?"

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