Buy two XBLA games get 200 Microsoft Points

For the month of July, Xbox 360 owners who are also enrolled in the Xbox LIVE Rewards Program can purchase any two XBLA games priced at 800 Microsoft Points or more and will receive 200 Microsoft Points back for free.

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Zashule2664d ago

Wow. They are really going all out with this aren't they? spend at least $20, get $2.50 back. So what can you get with 200 points anyways? Why don't they make it 400 so we can at least get a game?
Xbox, I am dissapoint.
Good for those that are already planning on spending that much though I suppose.

Xander7562664d ago

Well it's better than getting nothing back right?

BX812664d ago

Like I said some gamers will cry about anything!

Yi-Long2664d ago

...yeah, I figured....

Septic2664d ago

It should definitely be 400 points- that would make it a far more attractive deal.

Cheeseknight282664d ago

They have to be 800 or more.

thebudgetgamer2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

actually there are a lot of good games for like 80 points.

@The realness
i want to get into that program but don't know how, seems really cool.

GodGinrai2664d ago

given that im buying radiant silvergun, guardian heroes, insanely twisted shadow planet ,trenched streetfighter 3:HD toy soldiers and dust.....i would assume that entitles me to 600 MSP..that should buy me a sale priced game.

personally im happy with the rewards scheme...i recieved 1300 msp back in june. 800msp in may.lets just say i have loads of arcade games now! XBLA is full of little gems. I just wish they would give us more arcade conversions from the late 80s and 90s. i want midnight resistance, daytona, VF2 and the real sega rally ASAP!

TheEatingVodka2664d ago

LOL stfu they don't have to give you anything back..

lugia 40002664d ago

Stop being stupid if you don't want some free MSP with your purchases then gtfo

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despair2664d ago

is it every 2 XBLA games you get 200 points or just a one time thing for the month?

RockmanII72664d ago

Well I have 330 so if I do that the 200 will put me above 400, but I would rather get the Reach DLC if I could.

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Dlacy13g2664d ago

I have been part of Rewards and so far have 600+ pts that have been rewarded back to me. I plan on getting Torchlight now that its 800pts this week and possibly the new zombie defense game that just came out today assuming its good for 800pts too. Dead Block I think is the name.

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