How to Make a Video Game Movie (that doesn’t suck)

GP blogger, Ordinary Gentleman writes, "I remember with when I first watched Super Mario Bros. the movie. I was full of glee and excitement with Burger King Meal neatly placed before as I popped the tape in. What I saw was in truth an affront to all I held dear and true. Even back then, I knew innately that John Leguizamo was not the best casting choice for Luigi…or that they used futuristic moon boots to jump around. My brain was bombarded with inconsistencies after inconsistencies. From that day on, I compiled a three step process over the years since that will provide a sure-fire way to make a good (if at least, passable) video game movie."

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MrSpace2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

It's really dosen't seem that hard. When I finish my Uni Script writting course in Media Porudction the first thing I'm going to try and write is a video game adaptation script to a game that I really like. It's actually the reason I got into this in the first place.

But in all seriousness I don't think it's that hard. All you need to do is

1) Have a Director/writter who actualy likes video games
2) Have a Director/writter who has actualy PLAYED the video games
3) Have the writter stick to the source material
4) Have the right actors/actresses for the right role (Wentworth Miller as Chirs Redfield...pfft, please)

Keeping with the source material is the bit Hollywood always get wrong. They've tried so many times to change the plot thinking it will make the movie differen't and unique which will lead to the film being good...but they always fail because of this very reason. Just stick to the source material

Look at the David O Russel Uncharted situation which happened. Would you of rather had a crappy film in which Russel changed everything where it wasn't Uncharted anymore OR a plot following the source material in which most of the same stuff you have seen is played out on the silver screen. I think I would go with option 2, you might know what's coming next because your a gamer but at least the chance of it being a decent film will increase.