Five More Bands That Need Their Own Rock Band 3 DLC

Harmonix has cranked out Rock Band DLC every week for almost four years now, but there are still hundreds of worthy bands that have yet to make their Rock Band debut. Garrett Martin of Joystick Division takes a look at five bands that deserve their own DLC packs.

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TXIDarkAvenger2660d ago

Kind of surprised that there isn't a Linkin Park rock band which is probably one of the most popular modern rock bands.

NukaCola2660d ago

I'd like to see Pink Floyd's THE WALL done in a Rockband game. Great music plus it would be a strong single player experience. Always wanted a Rock Opera RB/GH game. Possibly The Who'sTommy, Rocky Horror, or Phantom of the Paradise.

If it's just a band then Led Zep all the way.

dgonza402660d ago

I'd like a led zeppelin one.. but some of their songs are super long lol

i'd still buy it.. :)
like 95% of their songs are orgasmic :p

QuodEratDemonstrandm2660d ago

There have been songs on Guitar Hero as long as 10 minutes, so why not include Kashmir in some Rock Band DLC?

I'd buy Rock Band if Harmonix gave us some Rush.

IHateYouFanboys2660d ago

this isnt about bands that deserve their own Rock Band game, its about DLC for Rock Band.

personally i dont care for any of those bands, but hey, im all for more DLC. ive got over 500 songs in my RB collection, with no signs of stopping.

TheRacingX2660d ago

I'm surprised there wasn't a rock band KISS, with light up guitars, make up, blood capsules, etc. Boxed up limited edition would net EA big $$$$

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