Epic seeking help in pulling leaked Gears of War 3 video

XMNR: One of the unfortunate side products of a non-release version of Gears of War 3 being leaked is that spoiler videos have sprung up all over video-sharing sites like YouTube. Epic Games and Microsoft have been working with these hosting sites to have the videos pulled and Cliff Bleszinksi is asking for some assistance.

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Inside_out2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

All you have to do is Goggle Gears of war leaked and all the threads and video will magically pop up on the screen, right before your eyes. Cliffy B, you know how that works right??? I mean your have claimed that you have a Cliffy B and Gears alert set on your computer so every time your name ( 0_o ) and Gears pops up somewhere, you can key in.

I hope NOBODY believes M$ needs help finding these videos...LMFAO...M$ is the worlds biggest software maker and if it's related to a computer...there is no one better...90,000 employees say so.

I'm starting to think something fishy is going on here. Hack Bill Gates account and count the seconds until the FBI, CIA and the US army are at you door. ;D

btw...Ea and Activision don't have any problems removing videos with in minutes of being shown.

fatalred alarm2659d ago

i hope you know how google works? because it doesn't work like that.

Warprincess1162661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Once something on the internet. It not getting removed. Srry M$ but you gone to have to deal with this.

chase1672661d ago


chiwoo2661d ago

maybe it's M$ fault for having a bad E3 lol.

BX812661d ago

Here is a great idea..... Release the game early! As long as it's finished.

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