There Shouldn’t Be A Backlash If The PS4 Comes Out Next Year

Geek Revolt writes "Most PS3 owners don’t want to see a PS4 anytime soon. If one was released next year—many of them would be upset with Sony. There would be an epic backlash, but it would be uncalled for. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t get angry with Sony if they decide to release the PS4 sooner than you (and everybody else) expected."

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extermin8or2659d ago

The only backlash will be if the camera controls rumors are correct especially after sony's emphasis on physical controls :(

zootang2659d ago

I heard mags and sites saying they expected a new Xbox at this years E3 and when it never happened people weren't too bothered. They didn't really mention it afterwards??

extermin8or2659d ago

thing is the company that sony used to assemble and manufacture the ps3 just said the other day that ps4 was going into production late 2011 and had kinect styl controls but I personally find this very hard to believe :/

illizit2659d ago

I don't think we need a PS4 yet.
When the graphics are a MAJOR difference (like PS2 VS PS3) then I will be all for it. Right now, yes, PC have better graphics but are they really all THAT much better?

sinclaircrown2659d ago

Like using hardware thats new in 2012, compared to what will be 6 year old hardware at the time.

If you don't think that a major difference, then you should try using a 6 year old PC with no upgrades every day for a while

clearelite2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

That's what I've been trying to get through to certain people for a while. The graphics are sufficient for right now, so it's a perfect time to focus on innovation, creativity, and fun factor. Pushing for an early release of new consoles will put the emphasis back on graphics and devs will be less willing to take risks. Taking risks and being creative has been what's created some of us gamers most beloved games of all time. Well said!

The fact that Uncharted 3 won best graphics at E3 is proof enough that the graphics are good for now. Lets focus on making some really fun, creative games people. The new consoles will be around in due time.

BlackKnight2659d ago

It is not just better graphics. Having more physics, bigger worlds/freedom, many more AI AND still keeping the graphics high.

I am serious, play crysis 1 on PC and notice how it is still one the of the best looking games, has levels that are the same size or larger than all battlefield games, every damn thing is part of the physics engine, the AI on the hardest difficulty is amazing.

That combination is BRUTAL on hardware. When you have LARGE areas you can venture, lots of AI and highly reactive worlds (not scripted events), lots of physics (and well done physics), and still look graphically amazing, thats where having a new system helps, its synergy.

Uncharted 2, Gears, KZ2/3 All look great for console, but are extremely linear, very scripted, and not all that much physics going on compared to Crysis, a 2007 game.

Playing GTA4 on PC with mods to make it look like Crysis makes me see what games can be with new hardware, and the mix of graphics, large worlds that are reactive and intelligent, not scripted, and numerous entities really adds immersion and breathes life into games.

RevXM2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

No they are not at the moment, but the gap in power is enough in my opinion.

Thing is that the processing power is poorly spent on pc games these days.

Most likely because focus is on consoles, where the money is at.
The jump in power is 10+ times already for High end components.

10 times is enough to consider the jump.
Ps2-ps3 was like almost 40 times. and that is only because the number of cores increased from the previous gen as well that they added pretty decent GPU's to the package as well.
I even remember people saying the leap between xbox and the new 360 was to small.

Who complains today???

extermin8or2659d ago

@sinclaircrown ahh but a 6 year old pc with no upgrades in theory would have up to 9 year old tech... usually they wait 3 years or so before marketing new tech the ps3 and 360 did not wait hence the ps3's at least inflated price tag....

BlackKnight2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )


Of course it always depends what was bought at the time, however, new generation video cards (biggest impact on games) come out every 6-10 months. The only way to buy a computer in 2005 that used 2002 parts is to buy used, and it would be CHEAP.

Also remember that consoles are sold at a loss at launch, even the PS3 in 2006 was sold at 600 dollars, and estimated to 820 dollars to make, which means the PS3, in 2006, would need to be priced at 900 bucks just to make Sony earn 80 bucks on each unit. In early 2006, you could buy the 7900GT which is the most similar to the RSX, for $300.

Sure the PS3, at that time, was a "deal" at 600, however, just like the 360 also, you paid for 60 dollar games, while PC was selling games at 40 and 50 (Crysis 1's launch price was 40 dollars). You pay for your 360/PS3 hardware the more games you buy, it is just how it works. Even today there are games like The Witcher 2 STILL launching at 50 bucks (and steam usually gives pre-order DISCOUNTS, so it was 45 bucks if you pre-ordered)

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Machioto2659d ago

That not true,if you've been following ps move Sony talk about 3d cameras.

sinclaircrown2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

PS4, 720 and WiiU will all use every type of control that's available on todays consoles.

Thats what happens. Deal with it. If the PS4 has motion controls and you don't like them, I'm pretty sure you just won't be buying motion control games. Instead sticking to your preference of game.

I'm pretty sure Sony are not worried about people like you crying "why are you including motion controls???" Considering you make up a tiny minority of their customer base.

Also Umm.... eyetoy?? Six axis??? Its just a little upgrade.

extermin8or2659d ago

As long as it has normal controls im fine if they start messing with that or ignoring it *cough* microsoft *cough* then they can get stuffed I'll stay where I am or go and get whichever console suits controller gaming best....

Thatguy-3102659d ago

Who said that they were removing the dualshock ? I for one don't mind getting a new and improve playstation eye :) plus I don't see sony throwing all they're triple A IP's for shovelwear ..Sony isn't in our face like Microsoft when it comes to motion controllers

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TheLastGuardian20102659d ago

I'm sorry but we do we need a ps4 yet? I just got my ps3, and paid 300$ for it. I'm sorry, but I have no intentions on paying for a new 600$+ system, and paying even higher for games, since they obviously won't stay at 60$. It'll be a mess. The ps3 has so many games left to be released (the last guardian, versus xiii, starkhawk, etc...), and games still left to be made.

But this article is crazy either way.

-NEVER has a console released the same year it was announced
-Sony would be crazy for releasing Vita, a portable which biggest feature is cross gaming on the ps3. Sony would be shooting themseleves in the foot saying "hey guys here's the vita, now here's the ps4!""

Ugh, let the gen last at least a few more years. I'm still happy with what we have.

Warprincess1162659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Noone forcing you to upgrade. Second no-one told you to buy a PS3 this late into it cycle. If rumors are true. It going to be released in 2013 or 2014. Game developers aren't going to stop making games for the PS3. There will still be games releasing on the 360 and ps3 for the next few years. Game developers like ubisoft are ready to move on to next gen and so am i.

@ TheLastGuardian2010

There a thing called amazon. So pay 75 isn't going to be an issue. Sony might charge 500 but depending on the features it going to include. It might be worth it. If you read the article about Ubisoft. You would know they want to create better A.I in their games and have more things on screen. So stop being so close-minded.

TheLastGuardian20102659d ago

why so instead of paying 60$, you would be willing to pay 75$?

Sorry but everyone knows the next console from Sony will easily be in the 500-600, perhaps even 700$ range. It's to soon.

Also Ubisoft are idiots. They keep saying "oh, bring on the next gen!" How about ubisoft learns to focus on the assests they have, and work harder on making a better experience that doesn't involve just graphics, but narrative and design as well.

LOGICWINS2659d ago

I don't care how good the production values are, I'd never pay $75 for a game.

antz11042659d ago

^ My thoughts exactly. I think if anything I would wait until a year after a next gen game comes out, and find it used on amazon for $15. 60$ is definately the roof for what most gamers will pay, LastGaurdian makes a good point at inevitable $ escalation, but there has to be a cap at some point.

killerhog2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )


wow dude now youre just talking out your ass by saying the next playstation will be 500-700. dude is sad when warprincess puts someone in their place

antz11042659d ago

And you think it won't cost that much? You do remember that the PS3 was $599.99 back in '06 when it was released, right? So wouldn't the next system in line be feasible to cost this much if not more?

sinclaircrown2659d ago


The PS3 was pretty pricey at launch, I agree. But don't forget it was also the cheapest BluRay device on the market, and Sony took a loss initially.

Most of that tech will remain the same with just one major difference. Its cheap as hell to maufacture now.

Sony already said it won't be quite like the leap from PS2 to PS3.

Sony and MS put a lot into turning gaming consoles into home media hubs. Now that it is done, they can focus more on the gaming side at a cheaper cost.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Just take a look the price of Blu ray systems in 2006 (around $800) that was one of the main reasons why PS3 was expensive.

Now, Blu ray isn't more than $800 like in 2006, is more cheaper, and PS4 can have great Tech like that without being so pricey, Sony learned a lot to not make a console so pricey, PS Vita is another example as a new generation of Handheld with top notch Tech and great price.

extermin8or2659d ago

@antz1104 different management now and I think with vita they've tried to demonstrate more down to earth pricing... more competative so I cvan't see them going nuts again not unless all their competition does :S

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sinclaircrown2659d ago

So you waited this long to buy one, why?

And, should Sony stop selling the PS3 and making games for it a few months before launching the next console?

If you buy the PS4 day one, you can at least feel safe from these articles for a few years.

Blaze9292659d ago

I dunno about everyone else but honestly, I think they can release whatever they want but I don't see anyone really going out and buying a new console any time soon. Sure developers might be complaining (rare few) but I don't see gamers screaming for a new console. I think times have changed since last gen and people expect these systems to last much longer. Don't have money to waste on gaming like int he past. $60 a game is still a beating.

Me personally, if a new xbox and ps came out next year - I probably wouldn't buy it until 2-3 years later tops.

Jac5al2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

The Xbox360 was announced in 2005, and released that same year.

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Fishy Fingers2659d ago

I wouldnt mind, I paid £450 for a launch PS3, that was around 5 years ago. Hardly what I deem expensive when it's your hobby.

But I think it's unlikely, announced perhaps, but not released.

Peaceful_Jelly2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

When was the last time that a company announced and then launched a console on the same year? Never! They always announce the console a year prior its release.

With this hypothesis I even dare to conclude that the PS4 will launch either fall 2013 or early 2014. And the faster the better because I'm not getting any younger. When the PS3 launched I was still in High-School and now... Man, I'm old. =/

f7897902659d ago


Sony isn't going to launch a new console in 2012! If they were, we would have heard about games being developed for it. Not some factory rumor.

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