The Mistwalker/Microsoft split, one of the worst decisions in video game history

Prior to the release of the Xbox360, a lot of hype was generated when the father of Final Fantasy was reportedly jumping on the Xbox bandwagon. It seemed like Mistwalker and Microsoft would become the best of friends, with Mistwalker churning out the classic JRPGs Microsoft needed to break into a stubborn Japanese market and Microsoft providing the funding for famed developer Hironobu Sakaguchi to pursue his visions.

Something happened along the way however. After the-best-damn-JRPG-of-this-gen eration aka Lost Odyssey came out...

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Lirky2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

I didnt notice this this is interesting news to me maybe thats why they released the last story on wii, it could of came to 360 as an exclusive. Wonder if they could create a ps3 game.

MrSpace2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

"Wonder if they could create a ps3 game"

I don't see why the havent. Sony has a load of creativity with there wide variety of titles, I'm sure they would welcome an amazing exclusive JRPG like Lost Odyssey.....which won't be on 4 dics.

Godmars2902663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

After the whole Spirits Within and movie studio mess which pretty much ruined Squaresoft, Sony played a large part in getting Sakaguchi tossed out.

Though really, the reason he stopped making 360 titles where high production costs because of HD programming and low sales especially in the West as well as Japan. I really haven't seen anything to suggest the average 360 owner is much of a RPG fan unless its realtime and first person like Oblivion.

FFXIII was more a, "we want it cause its on the PS3."

MitchGE2663d ago

Microsoft paying for a day one launch of FFXIII on 360 was not their best decision as a company. The 360 version served to highlight the system's weaknesses, namely the limited DVD space and the trouble it had running a game designed specifically for the PS3.

They would have been better off investing in a Lost Odyssey 2 and making it their own Final Fantasy in terms of an important JRPG console exclusive.

tplarkin72663d ago

Godmars290 is right. Japanese businessmen have an honor system where bridges are often burned. Sakaguchi publicly stated that he hated Ken Kutaragi.

Misterhbk2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )


Seriously, even I know that Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon were fantastic games. Sony could definitely do with a first party JRPG studio.

firelogic2663d ago

It wouldn't have made a difference. With the HUGE installed base of the Wii in japan, 3rd party JRPGs still sold poorly. What makes you think it would have made the japanese public buy an xbox (which they hate) just to play those games?

DragonKnight2663d ago

Big deal. So Mistwalker can make multiplat games now. Great for them. I bet MS wanted them to make Kinect games and Sakaguchi said no. That's all MS seems to care about these days so I wouldn't put it past them. Their remaining, what, 2 first party studios (?) are being forced into Kinect integration and such. The writer of this article seems to think that Mistwalker needs MS, and they don't. Plenty of JRPG fans on the PS3, moreso than the 360 for damn sure.

lelo2play2663d ago

JRPG's on the PS3 also have crappie sales. The only one that had big sales, was Final Fantasy 13.

DragonKnight2663d ago

Sales? That's what you're falling back on. Well ok, but two things I'm going to bring up.

First, Demon's Souls says hi.

Second, of the JRPG's that are on the PS3, all of them are better than the ones on 360 with the POSSIBLE exception of Lost Odyssey.

lelo2play2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Yes i talk about sales... because that's what meters to developers. If a game does not sell, they will stop developing for that platform... example: Mistwalker/Microsoft.

As for sales in the PS3 for JRPG's, I'll grant you Demon's Souls. Compared to other JRPG's sales that was a success... but what about the rest of the JRPG's in the PS3? most of the PS3 JRPG's sold poorly. Is the PS3 a viable platform to invest in JRPG's, since only 1 or 2 JRPG's had good sales?

TheDivine2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

They were working on cry on, an action adventure rpg, ms set aside 8 million dollars for them but at the time they decided it wouldnt sell well so they let them out of their 3 game deal. They then worked on last story with nintendo which i think ms didnt care about anyways idk. They never made a game for ps3 because ms had a deal with them and some beef beetween sakaguchi and ken kutaragi. I guess they dont like ps3 much. Had nothing to do with kinect lol. Ms prob wanted these games to sell 360's in japan, they didnt do too well so thats that.

The last story was never a 360 game, it was an exclusive deal with nin and mistwalker.

Dark_Overlord2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

"But looking at the situation now, I think almost anybody could see that, whoever was responsible for the Microsoft/Mistwalker split, really screwed things up for both companies."

Totally agree, Mistwalker were the ones swaying me towards finally getting a 360 (I love JRPG's) :(

At least now I hope they'll consider the PS3 :)

WetN00dle692663d ago

I doubt he will be making PS3 games anytime soon. He doesnt like the PS3 hardware. BUT who knows right that was then when crazy Ken ran things.

maniacmayhem2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

This should have been MS's ace in the hole for jrpg's.
To bad, MS lost a great developer.

By the way that letter to MS was awesome. I wonder if that was actually sent out to MS or just a rant on an internet page?

I would really like to know the real reason why mistwalker and MS aren't working on anything.

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