Donkey Kong: Nintendo's most important character?

In the month that Nintendo's great ape turns 30, ONM readers celebrate the life of Donkey Kong.

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crxss2758d ago

@title no he isn't Nintendo's most important character.

DragonKnight2758d ago

Actually, considering that the first game from Miyamoto, and the first game featuring an actual character designed by Nintendo, was Donkey Kong... yeah he is Nintendo's most important character.

Donkey Kong the game is based on the King Kong and Beauty and the Beast films (not the cartoon one) and Donkey Kong was the first character Miyamoto created. Mario came after Donkey Kong and was originally a construction worker.

mantisimo2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Nahuh they were both created together for the game Donkey Kong.

Yes he was a construction worker and was named "Jump man" but even before that was going to be called "Mr Video".

DragonKnight2758d ago

They were created for the same game, but the very first character of that game that Miyamoto designed was Donkey Kong, not Mario.

George Sears2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Rare really made some kickass DK games. Too bad Nintendo hasnt made a good 3D adventure DK game for quite some time.

As for important characters, I agree that DK has its landmarks but overall Link > all.

Pozzle2758d ago

Aww, this makes me wish they made another 3D Donkey Kong game, similar to DK64. Damn you Rare!

CrescentFang2758d ago

Well as their main money maker, doesn't pokemon beat all? even dragon quest? I doubt it... (in japan though, since dragon quest isn't as popular outside)