Who the hell is actually running the Wii U's online network?

So how the hell is this thing going to work, why is no-one claiming responsibility, and how much more could it damage Nintendo's already crappy online reputation?

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NYC_Gamer2660d ago

Nintendo is always behind/half way doing things

Warprincess1162660d ago

Bad move Nintendo. MGO was a pain in the butt to play so if i have to do this with every-game i play. I would sell my wiiU.

mike1up2660d ago

I think that PSN getting hacked may have gotten Nintendo a little scared. Can you imagine Reggie having to take responsibility for a mess like that? He couldnt smooth talk his way out of that one.

But yea, theyre definitely giving all of the wrong answers right now. It really confuses me. How the hell is information about your online network more compelling when coming from a 3rd party?

Droid Control2659d ago

They should look at the way Microsoft do things. THOSE GUYS ARE THE PEOPLE TO BEAT.

jacen1002659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

i was reding in the past that the nintendo network this time around will be open to the likes of STEAM, GAMESPY and others alike to utilize , so game developers can side with them and offer games through these multiplayer apps the same way PC'S do. it would be a good direction to go

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