MS: Xbox 360 cloud storage 'has not gone live yet'

Contrary to reports, Microsoft hasn't begun rolling out cloud storage for Xbox 360, a feature first announced at E3 last month.

360 cloud storage will enable users to recover gamertags and save data across different consoles. Microsoft Points, friend lists and achievements will also be stored in the cloud.

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zinkabassy2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )


I want bubbles for that one.

Pretty nice feature bdw,..This thread should be packed ,.. (It is funny that people are not happy, when MS actually does something good for consumers (that is so fucking rare), but they will defend stupid shit like Kinect, lack of core exclusive games and pay-to play online till death,... Gamers,.. seriously?

Blacktric2665d ago

Joined 2 days ago, already has one bubble and asks for more by making a comment that says "Penis". I think you'll have to wait a little bit longer for that bubble you wanted.

mll092665d ago

I really wish cloud storage was not just for PSN+ users.

Jdoki2665d ago

There's lots of reasons to like PSN+, but I think cloud storage is the best by far.

I would love to see this as a standard service for PSN, even if it was limited in some way (smaller storage capacity for example). Anyone who has suffered YLOD knows that losing saves can be very frustrating (I still haven't got the Platinum for Burnout Paradise cus I've lost the save twice!).

Good that MS have now added a similar feature.

nickjkl2665d ago


i thougth xbox live already had clod storage you mean to tell me all my saves from my dead 360 are gone

for fucks sake

emmerin2665d ago

are you trolling or did you not remove your 360's hard drive?