Michael Pachter predicts Duke Nukem Forever sales to disappoint | Warp Zoned

Warp Zoned writes:

"Industry analyst Michael Pachter is shoring up his sales prediction for the highly anticipated Duke Nukem Forever, and it’s not good. Originally expected to sell roughly three million copies in its first quarter, The Pach is now tempering that expectation to 1.5 million. While that would be a respectable number for most games, it’s seen as quite underwhelming for a series with such a legendary place in gaming, not to mention over a decade of hype. The lukewarm critical reception seems to be responsible for a lot of the game’s troubles."

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solidmic2663d ago

I predict, Patcher will come out with more idiotic predictions.

deadpoole2663d ago

Get a real job Pachter ... stop predicting common sense and obvious things ... oh wait u r not even good at it. You r a phony.

BrutallyBlunt2662d ago

"Hey everyone, the next Uncharted game and the next Gears of War game and the next Zelda game will all sell over 2 million units each, can I have a job?"

This guy gets way too much attention.

egidem2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

My title: "Michael Patcher predicts his internal firmware that keeps on spewing out half baked predictions needs major...Patches! (I just couldn't resist :-)"

Edit: Future titles to come on this guy:

"Michael Patcher predicts the sun to rise in the east tomorrow and set in the west"
"Michael Patcher predicts that his predictions are crap"
"Michael Patcher predicts that your new electric kettle will boil water at 100 deg. c."
"Michael Patcher predicts that next time you right click your mouse you'll get a variety of different menus and options"
"Michael Patcher predicts the PSV's battery life to be "significantly" longer than 47 seconds of play time"

OmegaSlayer2663d ago

He's such a genious of the obvious.
I wish I could have a Pocket Pachter to predict my love affairs

deadpoole2663d ago

Bad choice bro ... bad choice ... u dont want him to predict about yr love affairs ... he'll effin jinx it man.

wallis2663d ago

Maybe if this guy spent less time saying stupid shit and appearing on gametrailers like some hyper-value mascot then maybe he'd get the opportunity to actually play some games.

This is the guy who said RTS games are difficult to market to console players because they're turn based and mostly singleplayer experiences. It's like somebody asked some random stock broker or corporate analyst to analyse the games industry and after six months of playing on his daughter's wii he thinks hes ready to go.

He's either saying complete and utter bollocks or he's telling us that the next Halo will sell well and CoD is going to get a lot of attention.

Kran2663d ago

Pachter is how you spell his name.

Although I doubt anybody cares ;P

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firemassacre2663d ago

how did you get your job patch?

zinkabassy2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Him being a fucking fool, is actually very good for rigid capitalist rulers,.. I think he is actually smart enough to realize that,.. or maybe he is retarded by default,.. Either way he a happy mofo,.. Sometimes being a stupid fuck, pays off in spades, even in relatively longer term in so corrupt capitalist systems we have,..

Guys this is so lame,..I have to beg.... but please someone give me bubbles because I really want to discus some topics sometimes,.. this bubble system is shit,..

ShinFuYux2663d ago

Breaking news, Patcher says the sky is blue.

dorron2663d ago

Predicting the obvious...

Hufandpuf2663d ago

Honestly, anyone could have guessed that. Why do we need his input again?

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