The Death of Couch Co-Op

Game Podunk Editor, Marshall Henderson writes, "Since the days of the two-stick arcade cabinet, there have always been co-op games. Over time, the arcade cabinet evolved into the console and, along with it, the quarter-fed camaraderie machine because a way to get friends to come over and to keep your children from fighting. Whether it's Saints Row 2 or Barkley Shut up and Jam!, co-op is a part of multiplayer that has become a staple in gaming."

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newleaf2663d ago

as long as Halo and Gears do couch co-op, I'll buy them. I got 18 friends that live in close proximity and every other weekend we get together and play games all day and night so offline co-op games are a must for me

Criminal2663d ago

This takes me way back, I'll just say: CTR and Crash Bash.