Fortune Interviews BDA's Bill Sheppard on Blu-ray vs. HD DVD (Audio)

Fortune magazine's Jon Fortt interviews Bill Sheppard, who serves as a director of the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) and the Chief Digital Media Officer of the Client Software Group at Sun Microsystems (JAVA), on the battle between Blu-ray and HD DVD. Topics cover:

• Prices of HD DVD players dropping below $200 and even below $100, and how the Blu-ray camp plans to respond.
• The strategy and loyalty of CE companies and Hollywood studios in the Blu-ray camp.
• Sale expectations of Blu-ray players (PS3 in particular) and upcoming titles.
• Technological comparisons and differentiators (Java-based BD-J vs. Microsoft's HDi in particular,) and how technology differentiation will influence consumers in 2008.

The two-part audio interview is about 18 minutes.

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Real gamer 4 life4003d ago

If they lowers the cost of blueray player due do toshiba price cut of hd-dvd that means that the ps3 will probably get another price cut. They said that the blueray player and HD-dvd player manufacturing cost are not that far apart and if they have to lower the cost of blueray player they will. so if they lower the cost of blueray player that means that the ps3 will be getting another price cut, sometime in spring of 08.

ktchong4003d ago

Just because someone claims so does not mean it's true.

ruibing4003d ago

Well with 40GB PS3, you get a $200 Blu Ray and a $200 PS3 essentially. So they can drop the price of Blu Ray as low as $200 and it still isn't affecting the sales of PS3. I really believe most people buy PS3s for games, as have been proven that most initial buyers don't know that it can even play Blu Ray. So PS3 sells Blu Ray, not the other way around.

ktchong4003d ago

Not all gamers want to buy a Blu-ray player.

And not all movie buffs want to buy a PlayStation 3.

That's the problem right there. $400 is asking many people to pay $200 for the other feature they don't really want.

lodossrage4003d ago

On the flipside of that, for the person that wants both, that's a great deal

kreetah4003d ago

Also if you read these post here much you will have read how more and more software houses are being hard pressed to make their games FIT on DVD9 format. This is not a problem with the PS3 and blu-ray and I only see games getting bigger and more complex, not smaller.

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pwnsause4003d ago

If they release star Wars on Blu-ray soon, then I can say that its over, since I'll be the first to pay $100+ dollars to watch the Trilogy

ruibing4003d ago

Well they were released by 20th Century Fox (Blu Ray exclusive), but I think they are owned by George Lucas, so who knows, but that would definitely be cool.

IdontTakeSides4003d ago

Toshiba is only dropping the prices for the holiday hoping it will spur sales...if Blu-Ray software consistently outsell Hd-DVD's and the PS3 selling well...Blu-Ray will be fine it has alot of great exclusives something I thought move units...ala console wars....

lodossrage4003d ago

Personally, I think blu ray MIGHT bring down the price of their players. As a precaution if anything else.

Even though blu ray is outselling them 2 to 1 in the U.S., they are beating hd dvd by ALOT in the rest of the world. So in a sense of "better safe than sorry", they may bring the price down. Just a tad

pwnsause4003d ago

Its not that they might, its that they have to, at least 50 to 100 dollars.

Tru_Blu4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

I'd be shocked if we don't see a 299.99 player soon. With maybe a 199.99 to follow as a limited time thing. What's funny is HD-DVD got 3 movies per player sold counted as sales, Hero's free with 2 free from the stock.(For those who don't know a sale is when a disc is slid across the scanner) They got Hero's and 300 up on the top of the list(not paid for but scanned) and still lost the weekly sales to Blu-Ray. To clarify that Spidey 3 deal won't count as sales cause the disc is inside the box and not scanned in the system. LOL at them b1tchin about the BOGO, they can't win by cheating. Also know that both sides mail in 5 free deal doesn't count either, only sales that are scanned in count.

EDIT: that disagree care to debate any of that info? Or are you scared and just disagree out of fear?

Tru_Blu4003d ago

HD FUD, lol win a week. Then they can act like 98 means something. 98 for the player, and they have lost EVERY SINGLE WEEK in 2007 on all continents. NA is the closest they have and still lose 2:1. This 98 thing is nothing more then Toshiba trying to recoup as much as they can before the ship sinks.

mikeslemonade4003d ago

I didn't want the PS3 for blu-ray but I ended up trying Netflix months after I bought the PS3 and found that it is a step up from dvd and it is a pretty good deal to rent blu-ray for such a low cost. I also can't pirate HD movies because they take forever, i'm not tech savy enough to transfer them to a PC to watch on a hdtv, and the interface on a PC is boring and crap. And even if you don't plan on watching movies the PS3 is still a great deal for $400. Let's say someone wanted to buy a system to play COD4 online on tuesday, they can buy PS3 for $400 or a 360 for $350 or plus XBL for $50, so you don't need to use the blu-ray movie player at all to justify the purchase of the PS3.

IdontTakeSides4003d ago

"Let's say someone wanted to buy a system to play COD4 online on tuesday, they can buy PS3 for $400 or a 360 for $350 or plus XBL for $50, so you don't need to use the blu-ray movie player at all to justify the purchase of the PS3."

Couldn't have said it ne better..the PS3 is literally a 2 for 1's also one of the best Blu-ray players overall

I think the Sony/Panasonic said they weren't dropping prices below $399..??..I would love for them to atleast drop the price to $199...this holiday...this format war is ridiculous..

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