Xbox Live Indie Games: no way to make a living

ARS: If you want to publish a console video game, there's no easier route than the Xbox Live Indie Games program. But while it's relatively easy to get your game on the service, it's hard to get it noticed. There's a lot of junk on XBLIG, so much so that a group of developers banded together at the end of last year to promote quality indie titles. There have been success stories—like the recently released FortressCraft, which managed to sell 16,000 units on the day of release—but they're not exactly common.

So with virtually no promotion, and with average earnings of just $3,800 per title, why do developers continue to create games for the platform?

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Bigpappy2753d ago

I bought a few indie games. But there is so much crap to go through to get a desent game to buy. Arcade games cost more, but are miles better in quality. That is the main reason for indie failures.

thebudgetgamer2753d ago

true, but beneath the layers of crap there are some really exelent games too be had.

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Legion2753d ago

Yes there are a lot of games that just don't live up to any standards. But it isn't really difficult to find gems.

The best thing about Indie games is they have a simple demo that can be downloaded and if you like it then it usually just cost a buck to buy.

Basically the Indie games is the console version of cellphone games. With a few added games that really stack up with XBLA titles in fun.

Each game has a rating system and you can quickly see which titles have been given the stars and which haven't.

My kids love the Indie games and they can download the demoes till their hearts desire. And when they find a game that keeps them entertained I don't fret about tossing the few bucks to get the full version.

danielle0072753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Well. I just bought Cthulhu Saves The World. Thanks to this article!

& I already have that I Made A Game With Zombies In it game..

So now I have TWO XBL indie games. Woooo. :]

But, there's just too much crap to bother wading through unless I hear about a game from articles like these.