High Res Final Fantasy Images

Take a look at these stunningly clear wallpapers of the anticipated titles of Final Fantasy 13 and Versus.

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tony4001d ago

nice cutscene images.

Bonsai12144001d ago

its actually pretty much common consensus that for FFXIII, the only CG there was is the pic where her hair is ridiculously detailed and the part with Sheva. all else is in game

i won't use them as a wall paper though until they show us something new :-( why is square so hush hush about it? next time it comes up to breathe i expect it to look even better than these screens

ruibing4001d ago

Why would Square Enix need the Unreal engine if their White Engine looks this sweet? I can't believe the battle scenes are in-game. Amazing...

CrazzyMan4001d ago

simple, 2 years without KZ2, and now it looks amazing, and in final build will look even better. =)

FFXIII ingame looks just amazing, day one purchase for me.

Lifendz4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

try in-game buddy. PS3's power is coming to fruition and you xbots can't handle it. GT, FF, MGS4, Uncharted, and with COD4 showing the 3rd parties are getting it, the games are only going to look better. 360 is tapped out and we all saw what the Wii can do (remember Xbox anyone?). PS3 runs the tables from 08 on.

Edit: Oh yeah, I forgot about Killzone 2. lol. The power of PS3 is almost scary.

Foliage4001d ago

The Unreal Engine is great for a multi-platform solution, and they are using it for "The Last Remnant" which will be available on the 360 and PS3. The White Engine is used exclusively for the PS3, and used for games such as "Final Fantasy XIII", and according to Tetsuya Nomura "Final Fantasy Versus XIII" also exclusively on the PS3. Tetsuya also believes that having his team working exclusively for one platform is an advantage, which is a reason why the White Engine is a greater solution for the PS3 than the Unreal Engine, because of it's specific approach.

According to Square Enix the White Engine along with the PS3 hardware has given them the opportunity to render near CG graphics in real-time. The Engine uses 4 of the 6 SPEs available to the Cell.

Richdad4000d ago

I know square from a long time the pics they show for FFXII where much much better than the actual game. Heck FFXII looked like crap at certain levels. Just look at those screenshots they look 10 times better than the highly anticipated Crysis. If square could make graphics like those they would make Crtek, epic and ID out of the engine lisencing market.
Well as for those who think it is realtime will really feel the pain when the game actually comes out.

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Real gamer 4 life4001d ago

I dont see this game going multiplatform. Sony has this game Secure, they know that this and metal gear solid are the biggest exclusive to come out. When this game comes out i will get the ultimated edition, not the limited. you heard me right the ultimate one.

tony4001d ago

Bonsai1214 you know so much about this game. when is going to be release? and does it have online multiplayer? is it 1080p and 60fps? do u know?

ChibiSelz4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

lol same question could be asked to you,how do you know its all cutcenes Cgi what bonsai said was logical

Bonsai12144001d ago

because the developers came out and said that almost all the trailer shown at that e3 was real time, and only a portion was CG.

and if you watch the trailer, you can clearly tell which part is in game and which part isn't. The close up that i'm talking about with the ridiculous hair is cg, but the part with her fighting the big monster isn't because you can see the hair took a step down and you can see the edge of the "monster" layer and the beginning of the background. then most of the stuff that happened in the middle was real, and the last bit with her jumping onto the train at the end was cg. not to hard to see with a trained eye that started playing VGs before 2001..

gamesR4fun4001d ago

No doubt if nothing else this game will be a visual masterpiece. Cant wait to see what Square cooked up for the new gen.

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