PC Version Of Skyrim Getting Higher Res Textures, Modding Tools, & Unique Interface

GameBlurb: Bethesda loves their PC gamers, and they're making sure that they will be getting exactly what they want.

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Bay2660d ago

Happy that they're doing this. Kind of a given, though...

Day one buy for me, if they live up to this.

pangitkqb2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Sweet and sour I'm so excited to play Skyrim!!!! I'm thrilled I built myself a mega-PC to crank up the settings :D

meetajhu2660d ago

Instead of calling PC version they need to call it Superior version.

2660d ago
jaidek2660d ago

I am really interested in seeing what they have planned for the modding tools. Will this allow modders to create custom quests, new lands and even bring in new models? Has this ever been done in the past Elder Scroll games?

RahatR2660d ago

You seriously need to check out oblivion mods...they are insane.

limewax2660d ago

In short yes. You can download fully rebuilt versions of Oblivion and Morrowind right now

WikusVanDeMerwe2660d ago

You should really head over to tesnexus and have a browse. It's boggling to say the least at the time some people have put into creating their mods.

junk3d2660d ago

Awesome. I hope the game will be equally, if not more moddable than oblivion was.

Gordo7892660d ago

I'll have to settle for a console version myself. That's assuming they fix the bullshit leveling system they had in oblivion. any official word on how the leveling in this game is going to work?

Corrwin2660d ago

It worked pretty well in Fallout 3, sow e can only hope it's closer to that than Oblivion.

I stopped buying horses since I would lose every single one to a wild cougar attack.

Gordo7892660d ago

well, the leveling system in Fallout 3 was based on the previous fallout games, so I don't think they'll go and switch to a system just like that for an Elder Scrolls game.

Ember69402659d ago

Todd Howard said that "it will be very similar to Fallout 3's leveling system"

Corrwin2660d ago

Unique Interface?

Funny, the PC version used to have the "Original Interface". Guess Consoles come first now. Not a bad idea, since if they can optimize for the console versions, the PCs will see the benefit as well as the higher res textures and what not.

Gordo7892660d ago

Well, also the majority of sales will probably be console sales, so it makes sense to optimize on consoles first.

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The story is too old to be commented.