Reggie: two screen experience is the future

One of the biggest reveals at this years E3 was Nintendo's new console; the Wii U. A decent amount of information regarding the Wii U was given but a lot of unanswered questions still remain.

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Inside_out2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

I think the Wii U might be the future...but since nobody really seems to know what the heck it is, nobody can say for sure...0_o

ALL devices are heading for multi-screen performance. Whether it's a lap top, cell phone or tablet. They will all interconnect with each other and it will be on the go, anywhere...anytime. In the short term they will scale to whatever device you are own and it's limitations and long term, they will be all the same.

It's nice to see Nintendo finally seeing that trying to go it alone will not work. Bringing in Steam is a good idea but they will have to do more and right away. They should tried and sign as many third party titles as possible as the landscape is changing almost daily as more and more big pubs are wondering why they are paying Niny, Sony and M$ huge royalties when they could in-fact just set up there own Onlive type of set up and save a fortune. Activision said a couple of years ago that they had paid Sony over a BILLION dollars...those days are coming to a end.

Activision could in fact tomorrow sell a stand alone Onlive device, as could all the pubs and big devs with their library of games and save a fortune and not have to pay ANY for the moves, they are coming.

sdtarm2662d ago


I dont think and hope so

RonXD2662d ago

No one cares, Reggie.

Unless the Wii U has a large library of games both first party AND third party worth playing, the system will be another failure in my eyes.

Solidus187-SCMilk2662d ago

was way ahead of its time I guess. VMU is the future of gaming.

TheBeast2662d ago

I completely forgot about the Dreamcast. Sonic was killer on it.

ChickeyCantor2662d ago

They both function differently.
It is annoying to keep reading that Dreamcast did it first.

Rainstorm812662d ago

it is the precursor to what nintendo is doing of course its not EXACTLY the same, dreamcast was released 13 years before the Wii U so tech has advanced since then

ChickeyCantor2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Whether tech advances or not, it doesn't mean Sega was brainstorming over such concept WiiU has, as they did with the Dreamcast.

Its not something Sega started, they both have different goals. This doesn't mean the concept came from Sega.

Rainstorm812662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

"While its most basic function is as a removable storage device, the VMU may also serve as an auxiliary display during normal gameplay and, through use of additional software, act as a handheld game console."

"Two screen experience..."

I guarantee if the tech was there Sega's idea wouldve been much more like the Wii U..... I mean come on the iPAD wouldve been considered Star Trek/Star Wars tech in 1999. Now, even consoles will have tablet controllers.

ChickeyCantor2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

No where in that wiki article does it say
"Two screen experience".
You just made that up.( unless thats the quote from Nintendo, it still doesnt make sense)
Sega wasn't going for something that acts like a second screen to interact with. You could hardly do anything with it. If they really wanted it why not build in something like the Gameboy you could attach to your dreamcast and let the dreamcast do all the processing.
The tech might not have been that advanced, but they had alternatives to what they did.

"an auxiliary display during normal gameplay "
This doesn't imply they wanted it to be a big part of the game system itself. It could only display information and simple animations.

I simply do not believe Sega had this vision Nintendo has put out with WiiU. Cause Sega could have done much better than the VMU.
Not to mention most people thought it was a lame tamagotchi.

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meganick2662d ago

The difference between the Dreamcast's VMU and the Wii U controller is so drastic that there's just no comparison.

Sugreev20012661d ago

Wii U wont change anything unless there is a diverse game library to support it.Nintendo franchises have as many detractors as create new IP's like you did in the past.