Kid gets suspended from school for Halo sketches

"In Pittston, Pennsylvania, a 14-year-old boy was suspended from school and authorities are considering terrorism threat charges for notebook sketches of Halo. The student attended Wyoming Valley West Middle School where officials found the boy's composition notebook in his locker with "crudely drawn" sketches of an assault rifle, a bomb, and a map. He was immediately suspended and the school called the police," according to the article.

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socomnick4003d ago

Daam poor kid , all for drawing halo.

ArduousAndy4002d ago

isnt about the government and the patriot act. What this is about, is that in our society. We have become to free with our rights. Where any infraction is considered serious. This child drew symbols that are considered violent. And were taking as a child that was ready to take a gun to the school.

Its not 9/11 its not the patriot act. Its none of those items. What it is, is a person that is over sensitve about what is going on in this country and made a decision.

x440Magnumx4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

Darn, wrong post. Fixed. :-P

ravinash4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

After all, their made a whole game with troops running round with guns and stuff...isn't that promoting violence?
the way things are in America at the moment make me laugh some times (other times cry), I'm so glad I don't live there because it seems like you guys live in a constant state of fear.
Hell, I used to draw Transformers at school, no one thought anything about it back then..whats the world coming too....its just a kid.

DeadlyFire4002d ago

America isn't so bad Ravinash. Its just fact that almost half of America isn't smart enough to comprehend some things. I myself live here and see stupidity all the time.

To consider this terrorism is absurb, unless well the map was of the school. Then I might think something might of been brewing, but I doubt that drawing pictures of guns, bombs, or anything else of that nature has anything to do with terrorism.

This isn't the first school that has done something this stupid before. There was another that suspended a kid for drawing something as well last year. Fact is some people know that the war on terror has started a new kinda war that will not end for quite a while. It makes some people paranoid. Like school officials.

jackfatal4002d ago

do u hear these things in japan??
either the kids have some problems or the video games!!

Lacarious4002d ago

"Armed with search warrants, authorities searched the boy's home and had his computer confiscated for investigation of any terrorist plans. The boy's mother tried to explain that the sketches were just harmless doodles related to Bungie Studios' Halo 3 for the Xbox 360, but the school officials insisted on taking precautionary measures, saying that the boy claimed to sitting on the roof shooting pigeons, and that he possessed copies of snuff films."

Thank you Bush Administration for taking us back to the time of the Nazi's!

Ri0tSquad4002d ago

last year I got 10 days out because I brought nail clippers into school. They said it was a weapon :/

ZeroXMD4002d ago

Actually, if you are going to take the developers to court, you might as well take the Army, Navy, and entire military to court. After all, who promotes guns and stuff like that more than the military? If you watched tv here, there are at least 4 military commercials in a 30 min period. Also, the America's Army game. This isn't about kids, this is about all the idiotic people in america being so scared of their own shadow that anything related to violence is taken as terrorism, despite there being violence everywhere in the media. I'm an american, and this crap sickens me to my core. Cops look for any and every way to arrest someone nowadays, because they are applauded if they do. The people who arrested this kid prolly got congradulated for "stopping another school shooting" when all they did was arrest a little kid who likes a video game. It's bull and they know it, but they did it anyways for the congrats they'd get. its sick and it's complete crap. Anyway you look at it. I drew guns and weapons all the time in school and never got arrested for it but...after 9/11, the patriot act, and all the other crap (america is controlled from behind by people) they want us in a police state. And the stupid idiots in america are more than willing to give up anything to protect them from the muslim that is hiding under their beds, waiting to gut them with a knife at a moments notice (sarcasm)

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sjappie4003d ago

America is being runned by a bunch of nazis. Have you Americans ever heard about the "Patriot Act"? You'd better look that up, it's a law that basically strips you off all your rights, and imposes Martial Law, in the event of an national emergency. Like 911, wich was an inside job.

ElementX4003d ago

9/11 is an inside job. The towers around it fell like they were demo'd. There was footage on CNN (ran once or twice before it was cut by the government) of firefighters saying they heard a series of explosions. Watch In Plane Sight.

socomnick4003d ago

Im sick and tired of all the [email protected] that think 9/11 was a inside job. Eat a d|ck already and shut up. it was not a inside job it was just a horrible act by people who hate us. So we have to repay the favor and bomb them back to the stone age.

sjappie4003d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

How much time did you spend looking into the matter? I know I have been, doing that for the last three years, and it's not pretty.
And it's that ignorant,arrogant attitude of yours, that provides a basis for these people you call your leaders.
You my friend, are in for a rude awakening.

@below. That's what I mean by investigating, if you would've done that you would now that jet fuel burns at maximal 1796 F. Steel melts at around 2700 F, depending on composition. Also, most of the fuel burned up in the initial impact. Never before, or after 911 has a steel framed structure collapsed due to fire.
The towers collapsed in about 9 seconds. That's free fall speed. The only way that's possible, is if the supporting structure in the whole building, is blown up from under it. Not to mention wtc building 7, wich wasn't even hit by plane, and still it collapsed in a way that can only be a controlled demolition.
Please explain.

@ chrisgtr below. They did it so that they would have an excuse to go to war. They had a boogie man (Bin Laden, terrorism) to scare people in to giving up their rights. Everybody felt like something had to be done, giving them the power to do what they want. Invade Iraq, invade Afghanistan, oil, money and power is what it's about. Imperialism. America has got the biggest part of the middle east in control now. Iran is next, and they don't even want a war. Only America and Israel do. World domination, the plans have been there for decades.

And if fires affected the steel in the floors where there was fire, and those floors failed, why was the rest of the building, where no fires had been, desintegrated in 9 seconds to dust?

Also I didn't quote Loose Change, and I think Loose Change is no good, it has faults in it.
You should watch 911mysteries, very factual debunking of official story.

@ chrisgtr. Yes, the wtc-owner, Larry Silverstein made billions with the insurance, he also got paid twice, cause it counted as two seperate attacks, no kidding.

socomnick4003d ago

sjappie dude you need some help m8. Whats sad is you truly believe the crackpot 9/11 theories. Let me break it down to you. Terrorist hijacked plane crashed it into the world trade center. The jet fuel melted the steel and it collapsed simple as that.

m91058264003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

I'm not going to take either side here, but I'll throw two things out there:
#1. Steel wont melt at jet-fuel temperatures, but it will lose structural integrity.


#2. on the other side of things, a B-52 Bomber, much larger and more dense than a commercial aircraft, once crashed into the Empire State Building, built to much lower standards than the WTC because of the time it was built, with no structural collapse at all.

Also, quoting the "Loose Change" video almost word for word just makes you look like a sheep... I have done research on both sides, and I have to say that there is not enough declassified data available to civilians that i can make a 100%, sure as sh!t statement either way.

Back on point: WTF?!? He was drawing pictures from a game for God's sake. Instead of encouraging this kids creativity as an artist, they are scaring the crap out of him. Poor kid will probably never draw a picture at school again. On the other side though, we don't know his back story. Maybe he's the kind of kid they've had real trouble with before, like bringing a knife to school of something. I remember in high school I was all into MGS2, and I was drawing weapons from the game, but whereas they sat this kids drawings were crude, I've been studying art since i was 4, so my pictures looked very realistic. I was nearly suspended for it, until my programming teacher stuck his neck out for me and told the administration that it was concept art for a game I was working on. He was a great guy.

Chris_GTR14003d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

completely agree. 9/11 was inside job. theres no doubt at all about it. but the only thing is why?? i know they stole all the gold reserves from under the WTC.. but was that all? the reason for killing thousands of people and doing the biggest heist in US history was by the govt... damnn..

but either way you look at it, theres just way too much evidence thats obviously false about binladen and the whole 9/11 "terrorist" attack.

but lets just say for a second that it actually was real...what could be the reasons for it actually being real?
the US govt musta done some really sick things to the people over there for them to get that angry..

i kind of look at iraq as half life 2 type of thing... the US is the alien guys and they are the civilians in city 17... the only reason why there doing all these car bombings and suicide things is to stop the oppresion by the US.. just like in half life 2 where it was gordon freeman and the other people that were fighting the alien guys...that would be the iraq and civilians?
i dunno that kinda came to mind..

The BS Police4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

1. It would take thousands of personel to plan it, let alone weeks to plant demo charges in the WTC... also what worker wouldn't notice men planting bombs in the WTC?

2. It would take years to plan it, which means Bush would not have had anything to do with it.

3. Seeing as how the present administration can't keep one lousy secret that involves a few, would mean they couldn't realsiticly keep a secret involving thousands.

The administration is only at fualt for not taking security measures when they were warned an attack was imminent months before.

All in all, don't quote loose change, because if it was true that it was an inside job, the creators of that lame theory would be dead aswell.

Also, I doubt the kid was supended because the patriot act, he was suspended becase when a teacher sees drawings like that they believe they found a would-be school shooter

Daxx4002d ago

Not one American citizen who is innocent of terrorism has been effected by the Patriot Act! And if that were the case they would have the right to sue the socks off of the American government for commiting an unconstitutional act on them.

Chris_GTR14002d ago

it said in that video that they closed off the some of the floors of the towers 2 weeks before the bombings...

also the insurance for the twin towers was upgraded to ensure for terrorist attacks just 7 months before the attacks... and it never had that until then..

dexterwang4002d ago

I won't take sides, but I find this argument hilarious after watching the southpark episode on WTC conspiracy...

What are you people? retarded? hahaha

The BS Police4002d ago

Two floors clsoed out of out of how many? That is not evidence... that is an assumption.

In fact all of the evidence conspiracy theorists bring up are just assumptions.

Message to all conspiracy nutcases:

Untill you can back it up with concrete evidence, your an idiot.

Chris_GTR14002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

ok seriously man.. shut up. all the people that actually knew what went down or saw something are either dead or were payed off. how the fuk are we suppost to show u evidence when the govt destroyed it!

look all i have to say is WHY would they destroy all the evidence and try so hard to hide everything if it was a legit terrorist attack?

remember when the buildings collapsed.. then like 2 days later they were already in there collecting all the crap.. they didnt even examine it or anything! they didnt allow anyone to go in exept for the guys going in to collect all the crap and haul it away.

remember the oklahoma bet is those were also done by the govt.. how would he have known the weakspot was right there and it would collapse at that specific pillar... just look at the movie shooter.. thats exactly how they do it..

or the movie V for Vendetta.. that one was all based on 9/11.

Daxx4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

Edit: Ah forget it. I'm to tired to think logically right now.

ry-guy4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

I am sure if a building was collapsing it would sound like bombs going off. How else are you going to describe it? It sounded like the soft trickle of a creek on a warm summer afternoon with the birds chirping in the air. Get real.

Watch the footage. The top of the buildings collapse due to structural failure and bring down the rest of the building. Starting from the top down they collapse in on themselves. If you were going to straight drop demolition a building you use the base to control your blast, not the top. You can buy the so-called "government stolen" footage from CNN's own DVD. If you want you can watch it over, and over, and over again.

What is sick is how you guys are treating the event. It was not an inside job, it was an act of terrorism. This act could have been prevented under the Clinton Administration but they did not act. Instead the President decided to get a BJ in the oval office. End of story.

Chris_GTR14002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

ok.. mr ry-guy how exactly do u explain ALLL the footage of explosions going on inside the buildings?? how do u explain all of the firefighers,police officers,paramedics,people inside the building,people watching nearby on footage where they said there was explosions in the main lobby and underground of it. cnn nbc ect. everyone has footage of the many explosions going off throught the buildings

no explosion huh wtf is this?

ok man , u want videos.. i show u videos.. and now u say oh noooo those arent credible,there fake! WTF do u want!? your ignorant as$ dosent belive REAL videos taken from a freaken cellphone during the damn explosions?! how the hell is that not enough?? thats not when the building collapsed. that video was taken before! so just stfu and search on youtube for the footage b4 talking out of your ignorant as$. im not going against america here! i live here in texas. im angry at all the fuken money hungry bastards that are incontrol of america and will do w/e it takes to get rich, taking over countrys, killing innocent americans... they are incharge of the most powerfull county in the world and are abusing their power with the help of stupid ignorant americans like you that support them!

ry-guy4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

Where was this footage? Where were these interviews?

I, like 95% of the world, was glued to a TV during this horrible time and I digested every interview, every word, every video clipping of it. I was absorbed into some sort of mega-car crash. You just couldn't look away from it. It was a horrible time.

However, during all of that I never recall ONE interview stating that or ONE account of such a tale being spun. Before you make these accusations you need the proof to back it up. You're just making up random citations. I watched it all, I never heard of any claims.

Even the conspiracies videos, which I have watched, use the video footage available and you never heard or saw a single spoken word. They just played the chilling videos with text pointing out what they wanted to point out to chill spooky techno music. I have seen those videos. The only video they claimed was taken was a gas station's footage that showed the one plane crashing into the Pentagon. They never claimed of "lost" accounts or people being "bought out".

Get off the drugs, man.


Those Youtube videos have as much credability as those documentaries on how we faked the moon landing.

As for the interviews, I'm sure a building collapsing is going to make pops, bangs, and booms. Again, a building beginning to collapse and collapsing are not going to be quiet events.

Megaton4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

You know, you can interpret some info as 9/11 being an inside job, but whenever one of you conspiracy tools claims it fell just like a demo, it makes me laugh. Have you ever even seen a demo? It falls very quickly, and all at once, with flashes of light all over the building on every floor. Not from top to bottom with everything underneath the falling area in perfect condition, and 3 glares of light that you guys run with as concrete proof of bombs being planted.

I understand hating government, and I understand the need to find something to believe in, but for crying out loud, you could drive a truck through the holes in the conspiracy theory. I would hope you guys could find something more intelligent to bandwagon onto.

Edit - I've seen all the videos that you guys hold dear as undeniable proof, so you don't need to PM me links to more sjappie.

The BS Police4002d ago

Were caused by the That was one of six explosions that could be heard were the giant diesel tanks that heated the buildings.

x440Magnumx4002d ago

@2.3 jet fuel burns at 1700 degrees. So the real question is, if you instantaneously ignite a full tank of jet fuel, and that ignites whatever fuel there is inside of the building (we're talking tons of paper, wood, whatever chemicals are in any office equipment, insulation, the silly panels on the ceiling etc.), what kind of temperatures would we be talking about?

And for God's sake, isn't their pressurized oxygen on board aircraft? That stuff is extremely volatile!

So it's not too hard to believe that a fire by jet fuel+fuel from building + compressed oxygen would have a significantly higher burning temperature than by jet fuel alone. (Oxygen tanks very easily account for multiple explosions as well, not to mention the electrical and heating systems inside the buildings blowing out.)

As for the free fall, it took quite a while after the actual impacts for the towers to who knows what was decaying structurally in those moments.

It's kind of funny though how you can just shrug off that fact that the impact of an aircraft travelling 350+mph was absorbed into a building that was designed to handle at most 100 mph winds (we're talking evacuation of the building at that point.)

Just because a building falls fast isn't conspiracy, it's just physics. Things aren't always slow and dramatic like the movies. Sheesh. You have a building effectively split in half by an explosion, so you have one very large mass sitting above another very large mass, and the supports betwenen the two have been shredded...

If the first mass can gain enough momentum to crush through the next floor by gravity, chances are it'll just keep accelerating until the now weakened untied together beams just buckle under the tremendous weight in an instant.

Just apply a little thinking, honestly. Or is physics a conspiracy too? I knew it!

Though it looks like your 3 years of thinking didn't get you very far, so maybe you should just leave the thinking to somebody else.

And videos from youtube? Honestly, that's stooping pretty low. Worse than wikipedia, actually. When you have an event that is happening mostly inside the structure of a building... not outside where the windows are or inside where the people are, but the frame of the building itself, it's pretty pointless to use videos of the windows and the interior to try to prove things about the structure. Yawn.

Lucreto4002d ago

This is from the Xfiles spin off The Lone Gunman before 9/11

tatical4002d ago

"All in all, don't quote loose change, because if it was true that it was an inside job, the creators of that lame theory would be dead aswell."

Government Bad-Guy#1: These guys just made a film that proves that we were behind 9/11. I'm sending out the assassination team that makes everything look like an 'accident'.

Government Bad-Guy#2: Don't bother, if we let them live they'll look like crazy conspiracy nuts. No matter how close to the truth they get no one would listen to them. But if we actually killed them, then everyone would be like, "Those guys must've been right because they're dead now".

Government Bad-Guy#1 Niiiiiiice!

Witty Comment4002d ago

9/11 movies is called Zeitgeist.

Just trust me here.

Megaton4002d ago

@ 2.22

Zeitgeist has been debunked by proxy, since it made the mistake of sourcing much of its info from Loose Change. You guys should see the special done by Popular Mechanics. The guys who made Loose Change are on there, admitting that a lot of their info is wrong, and that they're currently making another version with more theories.

Jinxstar4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

WTF is wrong with you conspiracy theorists. To coordinate media centers all around the United states to aire footage all simultaneously with 1000's of eye witnesses to plane parts falling from the sky... I was in the Army the day of 9/11 and spent 16 months in Iraq and time in Afghanistan too. If it was an inside job what did they have to gain from this. Iraq doesn't have enough oil to even support the US for 2 years.... Afghanistan is even worse off and my brothers in arms died for you guys to talk like this. You should be ashamed of yourselves for thinking its a conspiracy. I working in the MI Field and know exactly how impossible it would be to coordinate that kind of effort by out Govt. Sacrificing 1000's of lives to invade a country for nothing... So my friends could die so you bastards could play the conspiracy theory game. F*ck you Sjappie and any others who side with him. Your retarded and if you all had any integrity or sense of duty or patriotism to a country that has come to the aid of all who have asked and helped in WW1 and WW2 and done a hge amount of sacrifice for the world to make it a great place... You can all die in a fire... This country that I live in has done so much and I and many I know/knew have sacrificed more then your spoiled ass will ever know. Go enlist and find out what it takes to be a real damn Man. Pansies. hiding behind smoke and mirror theories.... Think big bad govt is out to get you. Spying on your calls.... Trust me they got better stuff to do then worry about what some stupid xbots and fanboys have to talk about... like saving lives and protecting the free world.... Dumb asses...

Edit: I lived in europe for a while as well and know they appriciate our aide. Churhill himself popped open a bottle of champagne when the nazi's invaded france and the US declared they were coming. He said nothing could stop the US. To think some of these conspiracy theories are coming from either US Citizens or people the US has helped not get taken over by Nazis.... Its insulting and you should go kill yourselves.

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bestgamer944003d ago

what a conspiracy sjapple

sjappie4003d ago

It will be painfully clear to you sooner or later.

pwnsause4003d ago

seriously, this is why I dont want to live here anymore

wil4hire4003d ago

The XBOX section of this site is 100% DEAD.

The ONLY stories that are ever published are sales figures, HALO3 articles(Kid gets stabbed, new video about how some lamer got all blowed up, or about a new halo soda) Or one about Mass Effect, and how terrible those screenshots were.

For a second I was wondering why 360 fans always manage to find their way into ps3 news that has nothing to do with sales or the 360, low and behold.. no news on n4g for the xbox.

Why don't you guys take some time and write articles about something useful, like when Alan Wake is getting new screenshots or game footage. When Huxley gets a hands on review? Those are supposed to be the huge amazing games for the RROD box yet there is no news about anything.

I feel like we should all get together and change the tab for XBOX to "Mass Effect & Halo3 news"

Where we can keep posting videos of "OMG LOOK HOW I NADED THAT GUY." videos! It will be so amazing.. Also, we can post news stories about how some retarded child in Alabama stole a halo3 helmet and used it to rape a catfish.

As far as mass effect goes, we can keep posting stills of the story mode, pretend those stills didn't exist, and use words like "Epic" & "Monumental" to describe how amazing that game is going to be! (Based on Screen Shots & KOTOR) I don't even get the KOTOR comparisons anymore after seeing the game footage, which has turned into a terrible third person shooter where the lead character keeps the exact same face no matter what.

But all BS aside, Mass Effect will be game of the year... have you ever seen a game with such an amazing story mode-renderer? I mean, all the close ups (nothing but close ups & blurred out backgrounds) Look GREAT! Plus Bioware developed the game so you KNOW based on that, it will be GOTY indeed. The story is going to be so epic(No idea how I know this, but.. it will be!) 50hours plus gameplay!! Of running around in a terrible third person shooter & cut-story-mode-scenes that look fabulous!

Or we can talk about how Great Too Human looks.. since its a huge franchise as well. The gameplay looks amazing, definitely innovative, thats for sue. Just like Mass Effect, and Halo3 as well.. Those are all the most innovative games I have ever played in my life. These games bring new things to the table every time!

Enjoy the PS3 section guys! I think there is news on Ratchet, Uncharted,COD4(why its better than the 360 version),Tekken,MGS,Gran Turismo,Haze,and flow..

lol.. flow.

ben hates you4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )


socomnick4003d ago

Will dude can I ask you a question. I'm not trying to insult you or anything. How old are you ?

Witty Comment4002d ago

was the Holy Grail of all forum troll rants.

We could call it "Let's watch all the fanboys start flamewars because they have no lives" section, too, right?