Uh oh, EA -- You just contradicted yourself on Frostbite

As you may have already heard, there will be no official mod tools for the upcoming Battlefield 3. But why? Apparently, it's because publisher Electronic Arts thinks we're stupid.

In a recent interview, EA's senior vice president Patrick Soderlund explained that the Frostbite 2.0 engine is way too complex for gamers to be able to understand and manipulate in order to make mods. Really? That's funny, because Alex Grimbley, a producer on EA's upcoming Need for Speed: The Run, claimed just the opposite in his experience with the Frostbite 2.0 engine.

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Cookigaki2754d ago

Everytime I start to get over my hatred of EA they go and do something stupid like this >:(

Twizlex2754d ago

Agreed. I felt terrible when they acquired BioWare, but I also thought "Well at least they have good taste." So I start to forgive them for all of their past evils, and then, without fail, they manage to piss me off again. Sigh...

captain-obvious2754d ago

if there is no mod tool
at least give us a simple map editor

i'll never believe the "You need teh superz computerz to make teh mods on our new leet eingenss"

evrfighter2754d ago

What's funny is. I can guarantee you that the majority of dice devs have modded a pc game. Modding communities is where you find the talent.

The desert combat team from dices own game went on to create front line fuel of war and home front.

Twizlex2754d ago

Geez, that's a lot of disagrees. Did people start liking EA again while I was sleeping?

ShoryukenII2754d ago

Standing beside Activision...EA looks pretty damn good to me. :)
P.S. I didn't disagree. ;p

SilentNegotiator2754d ago

That's EA for ya. They present you with a delicious cake and then slap you in the nads.

Heartnet2753d ago


The First members of Dice started of as Modders for a game ( forget which ) lol :)

now there not letting others follow in that path :L

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RedDead2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

That's rediculous, ffs some modders can put out better shit than Devs can. Lbp at least realized that the modding community has some skill and always outdo devs with enough time.

look at bf2 mods.

joydestroy2754d ago

things like this are always taken out of context. when referring to Frostbite 2.0 and BF3, maybe it's more complex in that environment versus a racing game.

ShoryukenII2754d ago

It is Examiner after all... Remember what they did to Battlefield 3 on Twitter?

sprayNpray2754d ago

But if they give us mod tools how are they supposed to make money on all their bulls*** DLC content?.

God I hate EA sometimes. Never seen a greedier bunch of f***ups in my life.

Rettom2754d ago

Activision is more greedy.

sprayNpray2754d ago

True they both fight daily for top douche in the gaming industry. (Although Sony is trying real hard with the PSN pass BS)

ShoryukenII2754d ago

This PSN Pass might not be as bad as it sounds (for me, I buy all games new). I remember BC2 had it and had all free DLC (with 1 expansion costing money). If they do it like that, it could be really good for us (that buy new). I think Amazon sells games very cheap too so it isn't too bad. I'd say Micro$oft is worse.

Blaze9292754d ago

whoa whoa whoa!....Need for Speed The Run is using the Frostbite 2.0 engine? sheeeeeet - in what way? Damn sure like visually.

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Inside_out2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

What nonsense but it's no surprise. They lie all the time and just as this article points out, they probably want to release map packs and don't want the gaming community to get in the way so instead of telling the TRUTH, they say gamers are too dumb to use their space-age engine...0_o

Why don't they say we will look into it in the future and release an update like Crytek did later on.

What's sad is the sheeple keep making excuses for these guys and their " next gen engine in the current gen " philosophy. :/

TheBand1t2754d ago

considering that BF1942's tools had to be hacked in by the community and BF2's tools were fucking terrible, how does this really surprise anyone

captain-obvious2754d ago

its a new engien and they have been hyping the flippin shit out of it
of course the WHOLE PC community would think about something as basic as a mod tools

like Mod tools has been there for ages this is like stepping back

they showed PC community the love
now complete that love and give us mod tools
i'll be happy with a simplified watered down map editor TBH

darksied2754d ago

What would you do with a map editor? Make custom maps that can be played on custom servers? Can't be done anyway, so what's the problem? This game supports dedicated servers, but I don't think it supports custom servers; that's about piracy protection, so there's no hosting of games. A map editor, or ANY editor tools, would be a waste of time, IMO.

retrofly2754d ago

EA don't want you to have mod tools becuase then modders can make maps for free, instead of EA selling you theirs.

Its probably not a DICE decision just an EA one.

Whether it be EA, Activision or any other publisher its all about the $$$

Dlacy13g2754d ago

and that would be the real answer... At the end of the day its all about the mighty $$$$.

MRHARDON2754d ago

Well, the difference between EA and Activison is that Activision releases mod tools for every Call of Duty (Except for MW2), EA rarely,if ever,released mod tools for Battlefield.

Ducky2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

MW2 was hacked open anyways... and you can find all sorts of mods in it now.
It even has all the wager modes from BlackOps (excluding sticks and stones) along with dedicated servers.

Vega752754d ago

Thank you EA for now making up my mind on not buying BF3 for my pc. You can keep you half-assed DLC your looking to sell instead of allowing ppl to come up with their own levels. Thank god for companies like Bethesda that allow players to explore their creative side

Hufandpuf2754d ago

Goodbye to you. I'll be playing but at least I will decide if I want the maps or not, and not miss out on a great experience either way.

Ethereal2754d ago

He's still going to get it =)

Vega752754d ago

I won't be missing out on anything since there are other games to be played on my gaming pc and console but thanks for caring anyway

It's refreshing to know people think they know what your planing on doing with their money. But your welcome to check out my games on steam and check back with my around the time BF3 releases and see if I brought it since you think you know me and my spending habits

Hufandpuf2754d ago

I just hope that each game you have on steam and console has mods instead of DLC. And if you bought anything on TF2 then you sir, are a liar.

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