Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Multiplayer Beta Hands-On Impressions (

Uncharted’s multiplayer isn’t going anywhere, if anything, it is an even bigger part of the Uncharted franchise than it has been before.

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bwazy2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

I'll probably reach lvl 25 tomorrow if I play a match. Betas not bad, only thing they have to work on is melee, the machine pistol and that STUPID plane level being STUPIDLY easy to camp the villans attempting to get on the plane (I went 16:0 once).

Good game but I sadly wont buy it due to it being exam season during release.... Sigh..

HeavenlySnipes2660d ago

is the melee range. You HAVE to get into that thing where you and a guy melee each other to death. You can't roll away or the guy will lunge at you and kill you. You should be able to move more fluidly from a melee and also decrease the range of melee when standing still. If you are sprinting then you should allow the attacker to luge a little because of momentum.

bwazy2660d ago

I want to jump through the air and falcon punch the person.

Sadly this will never happen.

HeavenlySnipes2659d ago

If the person has low health and you run up to them, jump and melee, you'll actually falcon punch them. I've done it, I'm serious ^_^

maniacmayhem2660d ago

I'm on it now. And i dont know, i empty a clip into a persons face and they dont go down.

I do like the plane level and trying to jump on the plane. too much fun!