Ubisoft 'extremely limited' by PS3 and 360

Ubisoft is once again banging the drum for the arrival of next-generation consoles, claiming that its development options are left "extremely limited" by PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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alousow2758d ago

R u kidding "extremely limited" uncharted series to any of their top games on the ps3 they not even close. so plz stop making excuses

Fishy Fingers2758d ago

I'd say the leap from Uncharted 2 to 3 compared to 1 to 2 shows that the hardware is hitting it's peak.

Aysir2758d ago

It might be hitting a peak - but that's no reason to switch over now. There should be a good few years left in both PS3 and X360.

a08andan2758d ago

The hardware might have hit its peak graphically, but since when is graphics the only thing that makes games fun? Gameplay is what makes a game fun. Not the graphics. We might want better and better graphics, but without great gameplay, the game won't be good.

The consoles aren't a limitation for making great games. The developers imagination however, is.

zootang2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

It's always hitting its "peak" The way the PS3 handles code I can't see anyone hitting the peak for a couple of years still.

Miiikeyyy2758d ago

We haven't even seen that much of Uncharted 3. They've got the graphics down, now they'll be focusing on physics etc. I mean, look at the water in the swimming pool on the ship...It looks better than anything I've ever seen in a game.

AntoineDcoolette2758d ago

I'd say that sounds about right, fishy. But they are going for more spectacular set pieces now like that swaying ship in the ocean storm

JoGam2758d ago

If a new Console is introduce, it better have backward compatibility. I have a lot of PS3 games.

gamingdroid2758d ago

We can all wait for developers to squeeze juice out of stones, or we can jump to the next generation. I vote for the latter!

captain-obvious2758d ago

there is always PC ubisoft
just sayin

SilentNegotiator2758d ago

Ubisoft is just DYING to see the userbases drop back to zero again, aren't they?

PS3 and the 360 are just fine for now.

otherZinc2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

UBI Soft is correct: I'll prove it in a second

You are all wrong & dont play games on both systems or you wouldnt say UBI Soft doesn't have games that "push the envelope."

Rainbow Six:Vegas 2 released early 2008. There isn't 1 game on the PS3 that can "push the envelope" the way this game does. Play Vegas 2 on the PS3 & you'll be playing some garbage, play the same game on the 360 & you'll be playing a damn near perfect game.

Explain further:
Enemies come at you from everywhere in R6V2.
You can go inside & outside
Upstairs downstairs
Through windows & out windows
Through most doors & out most doors
Enemies come from the windows, ceilings, doors...
AI is terrific
All of this is done in 4 player co-op!!!!!

This can never be done on the PS3 due to its split 512RAM!
This is why Uncharted 3 is so linear.
This is why there's a cutscene every 5-10mins of play on PS3 games. Play Killzone 3 & tell me how long you play before a cutscene appears...

most of you think this should be the answere, it isn't. B-ray is simple storage, not RAM where you delegate responsibilities for memory.

360 has unified RAM512
PS3 has split RAM512 & makes these things damn near impossible. PS4 should be around the corner.

XabiDaChosenOne2758d ago

@otherZinc Nothing you posted has little to nothing to do with processing power. And actually the A.I example you used has more to do with A.I script (reliant on storage media) than processing power. so...yea :-)
And yes it can be done on the PS3 since Rainbow 6 was on the PS3 :-/

ZombieAssassin2758d ago

You can't even jump in Rsv2, so I guess it's due to the lack of power on ps3/360.

BeastlyRig2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Bf3 shows that better hardware is needed..

TenkoTAiLS2758d ago

Funny how when a company says they can't squeeze any more potential from a Sony or Microsoft console, true or not, people say graphics aren't everything and it's gameplay and fun that matter and things are fine the way they are for a few more years. Yet if you show support for the Wii U or 3DS people jump on you and accuse Wii U of not being graphically superior even tho there's no specs yet, and the trounce you with Vita is gunna destroy the 3DS graphically therefore it's better arguments. Would it kill people to have a little consistency in their personal opinions, it's like being on a retarded see-saw :/

trounbyfire2758d ago

its the same engine as UC2 so don't spread BS, KZ3 has better graphics than UC3 and the animations are better than UC2 so stop BSING

ProjectVulcan2758d ago

I think ubisoft are talking quite a bit about AI routines. They are hungry for more CPU power and memory if anything, over just improved visuals to take AI to the next level.

Its a funny thing really, AI in games has not really improved a much in the past 5 years. It is often overlooked in favour of shinier pixel shaders and sharper textures. F.E.A.R launched in 2005 and yet i still struggle to name a shooter since with superior AI.

We need a step up not just in how much resolution or polygons you can push, but in how enemies in games behave. Course some argue this is what online is for against human opponents but they miss the point. If you want an experience where you can believe in characters in games and empathise with them, be them allies or enemies, they have to act believably all the time ingame.

sikbeta2757d ago

So, the people at Ubisoft think they need a new gen of consoles in order to keep delivering the casual crap they keep making, yay! just dance next gen as soon as possible! -____-

starchild2757d ago

Sibetka, that is a load of crap. Games like Assassin's Creed are some of the most technologically advanced games of the generation. Ubisoft have pushed the bar as much as anybody.

MARKUS_MAX1MUS2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

@ Fishy Fingers, Sorry sir uncharted 3 really isnt the holy grail of graphics, From what ive seen so far Gears 3 is matching uncharted 3s graphics but that aside if your such a graphics queen....if you seen any modern game on PC on max settings it would probably melt if you think Uncharted is impressive.

pixelsword2757d ago

Make one game with 60fps/1080p like Factor 5 did with Lair in 2007, and then tell me you're limited: if not, then the only thing limiting you are your programmers.

nycredude2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Fishy fingers
I guess you and 88 people saw all of Uncharted 3 already right?

The point is that this article says ubisoft is extremely limited. Let's say uncharted 3 is the same as uncharted 2. What ubisoft game comes close to uncharted 2? Shit none of there games comes close to Uncharted 1. THis article and ubisoft is full of it. That is what smells fishy.

WitWolfy2757d ago

Im sure they states that the PS3/360 still had "untapped potential" to turn around now saying its maxed out????

One word Ubisoft. OPTIMIZE!

RedDead2757d ago

None of Ubi's games come close to U2..Why? They don't do shitty linear games like that.

AAACE52757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

The strange thing is, developers are saying they are reaching their peak with Ps3 games, yet there are still less than 10% who actually use a 50 Gb bluray disc!

Doesn't make sense to me!

They could argue and say it's the 360 holding back Ps3 games, but in the past, there was never a problem for a developer to use the extra power of one console on a multiplatform game! So I don't see why developers are so lazy now a days!

That's one reason I get irritated when dumb sh*ts say 360 is holding Ps3 back! The developers can take advantage of Ps3's power at any time... they just choose not to!

They made some of the same games for Ps1 and N64, but used Ps1's CD capacity to make it better. Xbox 1 was more powerful than Ps2 and GC, so they gave Xbox 1 games a few edges in graphics and stuff.

They can still do these things now, but somewhere along the line they just got stupid! As a matter of fact, the whole industry seems to be operating kinda stupidly!

I really do hope the rumor about game sales dropping to $40-$50 is true! Because then it should show the industry what the real problem is and why they aren't selling as much as they want to!

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theonlylolking2758d ago

360 was proven to be maxed with crysis 2. PS3 is probably maxed. I dont think ubisoft is extremely limited since they dont do any demanding games.

Bladesfist2757d ago

Im a pc gamer and I cant remember well, But i swear xbox crysis 2 was higher res and performed at the same fps?

bebojet2758d ago

I still haven't seen a Ubisoft game that could match Uncharted in quality.

jbiz3302758d ago

^Pretty much. And to be honest Im absolutely fine with this generation being dragged out a few more years.

bebojet2758d ago Show
HobbsCanuck2757d ago

Not unless you count Tom Kalancy's Ghost Recon. I was waiting to make a Mr. Caffeine reference for a while.

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Shaman2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Well to me ACR on PS3 looks as good as anything out there,for open world game that is.The problem with open world games is that you can't make assets like cars,furniture,character models etc. as good as linear games because that would require awful lot of artists time(because there is alot more stuff in open world games),you would have to make impressive lod to actually have good streaming of those assets in open world game,and that surely is not easy to do.

And somebody mentioning UC3 water...Well,yes its impressive looking(especially good water "foam" textures),but water movement is not physics,its animation,made by superb artists at ND.Basically,the way that water "rigs" and moves itself is combinations of great normal maps blending,similar how R* achieved horses muscle movement in RDR or EA in Fight Night games.Its still impressive on its on right,more so than using some crazy costly physics model to do the same on 10 times better hardware,its just that it shows dedication of the team behind it.Work smarter,not harder.There is still year or two left in consoles though...

BTW,has anyone seen good RDR water footage?Waterfalls look very impressive!

house2758d ago

best level headed comment of the day

theaceh2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Ubisoft, or any other developer should first make one of these amaizing games (improved AI & graphics) they say they could build for PC were they have none of the limitations of current consoles. Thats if they can really pull it off.

Anyway, next-gen starts when gran turismo 6 says so.

Blaze9292758d ago

lol @ Ubisoft. Limited? Says the company putting out bs like that Driver game and Call of Juarez which graphically, look like some last gen crap.

RememberThe3572758d ago

I think they mean their core franchises. Assassin's Creed, Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, and the lot. I don't think they even like the other games they put out. I wonder if they just use those games to train younger developers?

vortis2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

So really, you're fine with two more Assassin's Creed games being identical to the last two outings? Gosh, fanboys need to grow up.

People complain about "gameplay" but it still takes hardware to make good gameplay...perhaps more advanced AI other than the numbskull enemies we get in most games. Maybe teammates who can use vehicles without getting stuck in loops (i.e., Halo games)?

Maybe open-world games that don't feel like the world only moves when you're in a specific area (are there any open-world games where a crim freely travels around doing some stuff entirely on his own that affects the rest of the game?)

Ubisoft definitely hit the nail on the head and I for one am looking forward to next generation gameplay, not next generation graphics. Immersion has hit its limit and the only argument fanboys bring up is how great Uncharted looks. It takes more than graphics to win some gamers over.

Mr_Lu_Kim2757d ago


The game you are looking for is in the STALKER series on PC. It has the whole world going on around you even in different areas through different load zones.

Things is it uses so much ram that it takes a good DDR3 system to make it run nice and smooth (without the community fix mods)

You have a killer roaming around killing random stalkers and bandits raiding the guns and ammo while avoiding faction/army and bases. All while mutants migrate/sleep/fight with everyone and each other. I have come into a base to find everyone dead.

Good AI is out there.

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MWong2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Agreed @ Blaze929

The funny thing is I don't really see anything from UbiSoft that has pushed any of the consoles to their limits. Don't get me wrong, they have great games this EVERY generation, but nothing to push the consoles to the max.

damnyouretall2757d ago

they pushed the hell out of the first xbox with chaos theory. if they want to start doing next gen then ms or sony should get them started making next gen games. a couple of launch games would be great cause we all know it takes years to develop quality games and learn new hardware. i personaly dont know if thats at all a possibility right now, but im just sayin. call me stupid if you like

subtenko2758d ago

Then develop only for PC ubisoft if thats the case.....

artynerd2757d ago

Look, I had a great time playing Uncharted, but Hoooo Leeee Shiiiiiite! Can the Sony Ponies please STFU about it already? Every damn article where they can bring up Uncharted, you can bet your PSN+ account, they'll be yammering on about it.

DragonKnight2757d ago

I would say something, but it would sound incredibly trollish and I've no desire to stoop to the level you've set with your comment.

evrfighter2757d ago

It's not trolling if he's right. just because you get butt hurt over it doesn't make it a troll.

solar2757d ago

having to let go of a great game like UC2 is hard for them when you only really have 1 great game and a couple other good games. its like the "List Fanboy" who has to justify their purchase.

Mr_Lu_Kim2757d ago


All I ever hear on N4G is UC UC UC UC!!!

Have you played it???

Scripted as hell tomb raider clone (but pretty), as many cut scenes as MGS4 but not near as fun. Ew and the multi-player? If it wasn't for "teh awesome" graphics this whole series would have bombed.

Go buy it guys IDK I am not lol. Like all UC games in 3 months time they are in the bargain bin at EB games.


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colonel1792757d ago

They are obviously "extremely limited" by the 360, but they need to mention the PS3 to look "unbiased"


Organization XII2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

No, you actually fail.

Both consoles are limiting PCs. Difference between PS3 and Xbox 360 are marginal, while both are incredibly outdated compared to modern hardware.

@comments below. Actually if you ever played the first AC you know that this title maxed out consoles graphically, and that was way back in 2007. They had to downgrade the hell out of the sequel to run smoothly on the weak consoles. /fact

nickjkl2757d ago

stop that consoles are not limiting anything

watch when next gen comes games on pc will be the same there wont be a graphical jump nothing

pc gamers seem to have this thought that all devs can make a game with ssets that should max out a gpu they see a game like crysis or battlefield 3 and expect every game to look like them when they wont

just watch when next gen comes the only thing making a jump in graphics are consoles and for those first 2 - 3 years expect nothing but barebones games with limited feature list since devs will be just trying to get there games running on the system so they can rush them out the door for gamers who just bought there system to play with after all when you have a system with a small library gamers will buy what is out there even if its crap and ubisoft sees this

Bladesfist2757d ago

@nick I half agree with you. But consoles are limiting PC's mainly because of ram. This is why we also get crappy textures in games. Because your consoles ram is not enough to store a decent amount of HD Textures.

An 8192x8192 texture (Yes i know that is a crazy size) takes up just more than half of the xbox's ram. Im guessing because of ps3's split ram its not possible.

AKS2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Ubisoft has plenty of power available in the PC versions of their games. Do they take advantage of this and blow us away with some of the best looking games ever to be seen on PC? Hardly. Their PC games are terribly optimized in most cases, and sometimes they don't look that much better than the console versions. This sounds like a bunch of Ubi-nonsense to me.

"Ubisoft 'extremely limited' by PS3 and 360"

This would be a true statement if they stopped with the first three words and omitted the "by PS3 and 360" part.

SephirothX212757d ago

UC2 may be a great game but it is extremely linear. We can't judge games from a technical point of view by just looking at graphics. Far Cry and Assassin's Creed are open world franchises. They demand better tech and thus I can see where Ubisoft is coming from but 2013/2014 is the time for new consoles; not now.

ikkokucrisis2757d ago

First Ubisoft said the cost of consoles were too high,
now they're saying they're under powered,

next Ubi will be complaining that they don't cook and clean your house for you.

Adam21012757d ago

metal gear 4 has great ai and graphics. so ..

ThanatosDMC2757d ago

I disagree. I felt that MGS4 AI was crap compared to the AI that MGS3 had. The fact that you could Rambo through the whole game showed how retarded the AI was.

The enemies didnt surround you, throw grenades, flush you out from cover, the enemies couldnt shoot you if you were more than 10 yards away, they didnt circle strafe, etc.

hiredhelp2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Not just about getting the most out of a console.
new game engines can make a world of diffrence,visually and gameplay.

good example from this erea would be psp. i didnt think i ever get a game look soo good untill ghost of sparta come on psp. or when black came out as one the last titles on old xbox 1. there been soo many new engines that have come out over the past year so and still due out. Frostbite 2.0 id tech 4 i beleave it is. ghost warrior 2 to be using cry engine 3.

tplarkin72757d ago

It was amazing to see Nintendo fans embrace the low tech of the Wii. Now Sony fans embrace the "ten year cycle" of the PS3.

Ubisoft is right. We need new hardware. Games are getting stale.

This could be a chance for the PC market if MS and Sony wait too long.

the_best_player2757d ago

Ubisoft needs to optimize their games for them to look as good as Uncharted 1 for a start...

milohighclub2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

I think if that's what ubisoft think, then they need to prove it by blowing people away with the console version of acr. They also have an oppertunity to release sc conviction on ps3 with maxed out graphics. Last but not least they need to show people what they can do with pc.
Personally I want next gen and as soon as possible, but developers need to start talking less and optimizing their engines.

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Merivigian2758d ago

They just need to brainstorm and quite pulling things from their previous games. They're feeling limited because they aren't exploring..

Inside_out2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

The memory has been an issue FROM DAY ONE. It is the biggest bottleneck on these many different ways can these pub/devs say it.

M$ had the opportunity to add more and didn't and it was a very short sighted decision. If it wasn't for Epic, they would of even had less than they have now.

@ alousow...are YOU kidding??? Did you notice how limited the AI is in Uncharted with their robotic march towards you. Notice how they look all the same??? Why are all the levels so closed off and scripted. You think helo boss battles are next think shooting at 3-5 guys with a pistol while climbing a ten foot wall is pushing the envelope, your KIDDING yourself...I won't even talk about all the cut scenes. :/

Ubisoft is saying they have reached a dead end. That they have some great concepts that are being shut down by the limited consoles. Sure, they could pull a EA-Dice and hide behind PC game play on a PC that maybe 10% of the gaming community owns, if that, but they are being honest unlike EA-Dice. This statement they just made was for Nintendo, M$ and Sony. Only fanboys can't see that 6-7 year old tech can hold up. Does anyone have a PC or cell phone from 7 years ago???...0_o

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djsandman2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Actually Microsoft had the opportunity to add more and they did. It was originally supposed to be 256 MB, not 512. Epic showed them a tech demo of gears with 256 and 512 to show them the difference. They said it cost them a billion dollars. 1 GB wasn't even on the table. Do your homework before you spew shit.

Mr_Lu_Kim2757d ago

A billion $... MS are full of shit though.

disturbing_flame2758d ago

Extremely limited ? There's no limitation in creation, if you've got cool concepts you can do great games.

If going on a new system is just a goal to produce more Assassin creed, i can live without that.

Xof2758d ago

That's kind of the point.

Ubisoft is NOT very imaginative. When they think of making games, all they really care about is how pretty they can make them. They're not really a top-tier developer. Most of their stuff is dreck.

kookie2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

So they are using Poor AI as an excuse.

trounbyfire2758d ago

you mean like using a bomb on two gaurds you could have just doubled knifed and then a group of guys 10 feet away don't hear or feel the bomb go off, next you fight the group of guys using s smoke bomb that you can somehow see through but make the group of guys stand still and then you pick them of ONE at a time.

blame the consoles for you poor graphics, and design choices

remember on bonus round the chick from ubisoft and guy from epic made fun of the guy from sony santa monica because he said GOW3 used dual layes blu ray and she said something like , we as in her and the guy from epic us dvds, condescending cunt,

jealous of sony first party much, and why because of blu ray, the cell, and NON lazy studios,