Crysis 2: Screenshot-Madness - The 200 Most Epic DX9-Screenshots

You don't need the newest DX11-patch to get gorgeus graphics with Crysis 2. Don't believe it? Here are the 200 most epic DX9-screenshots. You have to see them.

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Semir2758d ago

DX 11 RULEZ !!!

Forget about dx9

Crazyglues2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Yeah but I just did the patch for DX11 and I barely see a difference, it's the same game - it does look a little prettier but that's it..

I think I was expecting to be amazed, but it's just little differences like the bricks look more like bricks, a little more detail but nothing to really write home about..

I've see better improvements from mods -where people will change the lighting and add effects that make the whole game look amazing.. -

I guess I was expecting too much out of the patch..

I just feel like the patch was really no big deal, it adds the effects but they are so little that it's not that big of a difference and for the performance hit you take it's not worth it in my opinion.. My ATI 6970 plays the game fine but it's much more taxing for very little difference.. -or maybe I did something wrong?

Don't get me wrong it's nice to have the effects if you into that.. but I tend to just be playing the game more then looking around, so maybe it wasn't for me, maybe it's more for the hardcore gamers..

System Specs

i7 -2600k overclocked to 4.4ghz
Asus Motherboard P8P67 Deluxe
ATI 6970 2048MB GDDR5
8GB memory overclocked to 7.8.7 20
2 -2TB hard drives


BlackKnight2758d ago

"but I tend to just be playing the game more then looking around"

It was literally a graphics update, did you expect the gameplay to change?

Also, some levels really show more of the changes than others. I keep hearing the level "gate keepers" is a good place to go.

Crazyglues2758d ago

Oh ok thanks BlackKnight

I see maybe that's it, because I had to start the game all over after the update - it would not read my saves...

so started over and in the beginning nothing really amazing there so maybe that's why I'm not really seeing much... will play further and see..

I already beat this game and got to level 50 in multiplayer on PS3 but it's cool having it on my PC too...

Going to see if it looks more amazing later on, thanks for the tip BlackKnight


BlackKnight2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

No problem.

Another thing to remember, the game was one of the best looking DX9 games as well, so moving from that to DX11 (and not building the game from the ground up, similar to BF3) won't have a huge impact.

Penumbra shadows is pretty impressive and never done in any game (shadow gets blurrier depending on light source distance, object distance, and shadow distance in relation to each other) but is hard to find good examples in the game

Shutter based motion blur

Of course DX11 Sprite-based DOF

Tesselation (bad example of mine though)

Motion Blur applied to even particles

And POM textures that can benefit from anisotropic filtering

Some of these shots have anti aliasing disabled because I don't like Crysis 2's AA method.

Crazyglues2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

BlackKnight I wish everyone at would be this helpful...

Thanks for the Pictures, I see the difference a little more...

Sadly this update is bringing my 6970 to it's knee's but yeah it's sweet detail, I brought down the particular's -and that seems to help

makes it run smooth...

Love the pic's -after seeing those I turn up motion blur to high and WOW.. -I can see the difference more now.. I need to tweak it more, take off some ultra on everything to get it to run smooth but it's now looking much better..

-thanks for the info player

and I agree with you I think it looks better with anti aliasing disabled...


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Inside_out2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Crysis 2 did look fantastic...on don't do this game justice...


Destruction is beautiful...

CapsLocke2758d ago

Only 200? Oh, you should post 500 or even 1000, we all got many time to watch them, right??

Michael-Jackson2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

just got this game and it's good but annoying. I was playing crysis 2 on the ps3 and Ihave to say, this game is filled with glitches, I encountered 3, it crashed, invisible gun and jackhammer sound within 2 hour playthrough, didn't expect it to be so buggy.