‘Heads-Up’ Game Store Update 6th July 2011

EU PS Blog:

"Two highly anticipated titles drop this week, the much delayed Spelunker HD and the slightly less delayed SEGA Rally Online Arcade, both great titles with very different focuses! I recommend you give them a try. And another mini graduates to become a full PSN title this week – Alien Zombie Megadeath is now available for just over a fiver. If you like platforms, alien zombies and shooting, there is no better choice.

The Uncharted Multiplayer Beta also makes its way to the main Store for a second week of car-jumping, cargo-plane, pirate-shooting mayhem.

We’ve a new batch of discounts, courtesy of EA – 30% off a great selection of EA PSN titles (and a piece of high calibre golfing DLC!)

Enjoy, I’ll be around to talk to you in a little while"

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mcsm2687d ago

Red Faction: Armageddon (£57.99/€69.99) Rating: PEGI 18


dangert122687d ago

The joke? It cost more then my weekly rent

fossilfern2687d ago

I know you can get it on Amazon for £23

Redempteur2687d ago


i hope this is a TYPO

dangert122687d ago

nope its not been cleared up in the updates blog

the reply to the 3rd comment

Ingram2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

EU ps store updates are disgraceful, and third parties are also constantly giving the finger to EU for some reason.

There seems to be a retarded fratboy with a PhD in economics and marketing in charge.It's only skins/cars/sports DLC, GH/RB songs and overpriced mainure all the time.What a shame.

dangert122687d ago

I agree the EU store is a letdown I'm the type of person who has money and spends it like a mad man if it's not put in the bank when my money is in the playstation store wallet I'm itching to spend it litrually in and out the store searching the same content for hours knowing it hasant been updated still i can hold back from spending .its shit

Ingram2687d ago

"I'm the type of person who has money and spends it like a mad man"
I'm reasonably poor, would you invite me to eat at McDonalds or something if I ever go to birmingham?/jk lol

SonyNGP2687d ago

8 quid for Gex?!

Quagmire2687d ago

WTF? Why isnt the Mortal Kombat DLC available for NZ?!!

We got Skarlet, and MK isnt banned, wtf!!!

sam22362687d ago

So is the MK DLC going to be €6.99 again? Hell, will it even be ON the Store at all?!