MS hopes for Kinect boost in Japan

Microsoft hopes to boost Kinect sales in Japan with games that are familiar to Japanese players.

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zinkabassy2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

lol,...this is problematic on so many levels,.. Space you need for it and Kinect being nonexistent everywhere but USA,..
(and 360 nonexistent in Japan) to name a few problems,..

No comment,..

EasilyTheBest2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Non Existent everywhere but the USA?

Zinka - think you should check out Bing for a few facts. Here in the UK Kinects everywhere..

Vampire - Worldwide Xbox is up 28% Worldwide. Mainly because of Kinect..

VampiricDragon2663d ago

kinect isnt selling in europe either if you bothered to read yp.

Godmars2902663d ago

But according to Bing it is.

Which should really tell you something about bing...

And I can't help but think with the new integration with the 360, Bing is going to get a significant, though technically artificial, use in numbers boost.

gamingdroid2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Can anyone provide sources for Kinect not selling in Europe?

As far as I can see, Kinect is selling like hotcakes. Check out amazon for the UK current bestsellers:

The list:

3. Wii console
35. Kinect
57. Xbox 360 250GB Bundle
64. Xbox 360 4GB
67. Xbox 360 250GB with Kinect

Sadly, the PS3 didn't even make it on the list... and it isn't out of stock:

Found it odd that the Xbox 360 4GB Kinect bundle isn't on the list?

It's out of stock and sold by a third party provider:

EVILDEAD3602663d ago

'lol,...this is problematic on so many levels,.. Space you need for it and Kinect being nonexistent everywhere but USA,..'

Lol @ pretending nobody outside of the US having 6 feet of space in their living room.

Depending on the source Kinect has sold anywhere from 90K to 170K in Japan..Kinect sold 7 million in North Amarica and 3 Million in Europe.

Bottomline Micrsoft would like more in Japan..they hope that the Japanese developed titles give Kinect a boost. Who knows if Rise of Nightmares, Steel Batallion, and Panzer dragoon (Project Draco) will give Kinect some extra sales in Japan..but their release obviously can't hurt.


nickjkl2662d ago

gonna need more than hops and dreams to make a product sucessful

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FlashXIII2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )


How many people actually have 6 feet of free space in their living rooms inside or outside of the US? In England at least, a large proportion of houses modern and old certainly don't without moving furniture/coffee tables.

People can claim the hardware is selling as well as they want tbh and that's great for microsoft but unless kinect is able to shift the supported games, it'll just become a cautionary tale. It won't ever sell all that well in Japan in my opinion.. Microsoft can't even get a steady stream of appealing kinect games out in the west let alone enough to keep Japanese audiences satisfied.

EVILDEAD3602662d ago

Are you pretending that every household outside the US watch their big screen TVs from 5 feet away? Not even remotely close to the truth. I'm damn 3 feet away from my monitor and I'm typing from a desk are you seriously going to claim that every living room outside the US is 60 inches by 60 inches long? Is your coffee table a shoebox?

Of course you move the coffee table..been doing that since the Wii..when I lived in a smaller place..nothing new

Even Sports Champions for Move recommends a minimum of 8 feet..I wouldn't even play the Wii at 5 feet away..

The best part is Nyko is releasing the add-on in August that makes Kinect usable from a minimum of 4 how many people outside of the US have a living room that can play from 4 feet or less?

'It won't ever sell all that well in Japan in my opinion.. Microsoft can't even get a steady stream of appealing kinect games out in the west let alone enough to keep Japanese audiences satisfied.'

Uncharted 2, God of War 3, Killzone 2&3, Little Big Planet are ALL huge Sony exclusives that barely sell in Japan. Not even the PS3's biggest titles can genrate sales in Japan as well. Again, Microsoft has Japanese developers on board to make some games that may appeal more to Japanese audiences..that is pretty much all they can do. If it works and they gain some sales or push more hardware in Japan..then it's a cool bonus.

But, other than that Japan is a non-factor when it comes to hardware or software sales for the 360.


FlashXIII2662d ago

Well I'm only going off of what I know. A lot of people have stuff in their living rooms and use large coffee tables that aren't easily moved. A lot of houses I've been to don't have the room. You're from the US so please don't be ignorant and presume to know how much room we have in England. I've spent six months in Canada at least and their living rooms are somewhat bigger than the average ones in the UK. The Nyko attachment sounds good though I just hope it isn't expensive.

EVILDEAD3602662d ago

LOL @ you are NOW pretending that millions and millions that game have large coffee tables that they are not willing to move to play games. Wii sales say people moved those same 'large coffee' tables to play that system as well. Nintendo even warns you to clear out a space at the beginning of each game.

I've traveled for my entire career..I havent been everywhere..but I've traveled the world over. In fact I did an around the world and did an overnight in Japan just a few weeks just because you live in England lived in Canada for 6 months means absolutely nothing..'so please don't be ignorant' and believe your the ONLY one who has been outside of their own country.

I've been to England many many times in my life and have been to friends' houses that had living rooms bigger some I've lived in here in the states. Japan does have some living spaces including hotels that are wayyy smaller than what people from the US are used to, but even then they have living rooms that clearly larger than 6 inches.

Bottomline..Kinect did 3 million in Europe so SOMEBODY clearly has a bigger living room than maybe you or your experiences alone.


falout2662d ago

funny! last i checked ps3 has been in 3rd since launch, some five years ago.. but im sure sony will be even with ms in another 5 years..

10 year plan right?!

subtenko2662d ago


"M$ wishes for kinect boost in Japan."


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Wizziokid2663d ago

doesn't the xbox need to 'boost' in japan first?

MasterCornholio2663d ago

If theres one region where the XBOX fails miserably its Japan. It does great in the rest of the world though.

BX812663d ago

What can you say? Japs aren't that big on xbox. Oh well their loss. Sure it sucks to loose out on such a big market but they're plenty of other gamers to sell to.

VampiricDragon2663d ago

they also need to boost sales in europe to.......

rpgs dont work with kinect

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