How Many Gamecubes, 3DS and PS3′s Would You Need To Make A Wii U

Here’s a good illustration has made of how powerful the Wii U is in comparison to other consoles (the PS3, the 3DS and the Gamecube). They've based it solely on CPU so take it with a pinch of salt...

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TruthbeTold2661d ago

Every generation, Power PC technology gets more and more efficient. Counting raw mhz/ghz just can't give us an accurate idea of that the CPU is capable of anymore.

For example, the original Xbox had a Pentium 2 at around 700mhz. The Game Cube had Power PC at just under 500mhz. The efficiency of the latter made it more useful for computing than the former. Now all of the current consoles either use Power PC chips, or chips with a similar philosophy. And every year the newer chips get more advanced.

Peaceful_Jelly2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

the ignorance of some really grind my gears. What this guy is saying is 100% fact and it has 5 disagrees? Come on!

fr0sty2661d ago

This is just stupid, they don't even know the exact specs of the CPU, GPU, memory, or anything and they're trying to make comparison articles? Hold on, let me try...

"How many Wii U's will it take to make one PS4? You'll need to duct tape 500 of them together and then throw a PS3 on top of that pile to make one PS4, because Sony said it will contain tech that is at least slightly more powerful than PS3. At least slightly more powerful means 5000 more cores in the CPU, a 500.4GHZ clock speed increase, and 15TB of RAM.

arjman2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

You'd need over 9000 calculators!

ASTAROTH2661d ago

Ohhh and I will need a duck tape to put together the more than $1000 bucks I need to collect to buy a PS4... ;)

2v12661d ago

1.09 ps3 eats the w2 all up.

Solidus187-SCMilk2661d ago

How many other stupid video game articles do you need to have the stupidity of this game article? At least 2.

fatstarr2660d ago

yep thats why the 3ds is capable of great visuals even though its specs are lower. technology advanced giving it the ability of current gen systems.

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Xof2661d ago

Mechanical prowess became meaningless years ago. The game industry is no longer defined by how realistic or detailed developers can make games. How long will it take people to wrap their minds around this?

iNMyFiN4LH0uR2661d ago

theoretically you're right, but in reality it is precisely detail and realism which made COD4 successful, brought BF3 into the spotlight, Gears, Uncharted, Crysis and some of the biggest franchises today are not necessarily defined by 'mechanical prowess' but it certainly is a piece of the cake.

Xof2661d ago

I don't think so.

Uncharted and Gears of War were recognized primarily for distinctive, top-notch art-design and well-crafted gameplay. Crysis, while certainly talked about a lot, was not recieved well by critics IIRC.

Even games like Call of Duty, I think, sell more because of the established franchise and fanbase than because of their "gritty realism."

ASSASSYN 36o2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

But yet fable, forza, GT, and skyrim devs strive for realism, detail, and focus on emotions. Flashpoint and especially arma series seek to put you in simulated real world conditions through combat. the new unreal video detailing future game design sure looks like it is focusing on realisim and detail. For it to run today it requires heavy mechanical prowess that hardly exists in homes or on the market today.

No consoles can currently run the new engine. I have no idea why you made the claim that developers have abandoned their main focus of bringing gamers into the most detailed and realistic simulated worlds possible. And as that work evolves with greater determination to obtain realism the hardware to support it must evolve. It (affordable hardware) lags compared to software but it doesn't mean it has been abandoned as you alleged.

And how is he possibly theoretically right about anything he said? You (final) even contradicted that in your statements. The facts don't support him. The Gaming industry would have to, have abandoned realism and superior graphical prowess of next gen hardware. I ceartainly don't see that happening in currently unreleased titles.

Ingram2661d ago

dear, you can't measure graphical quality nor sheer horsepower by just looking at clock speed: you are retarded.Severely.
In the head.

theredsquire2661d ago

Did you read the article? We said take it with a pinch of salt because we knew people (i.e. you) would get wound up;

cpt2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

They're using the CPU clock rate as a direct benchmark for computing power. This comparison is as accurate as comparing people's IQ based on their height alone.

Peak CPU clock rate has been stuck at around 3GHz for almost a decade. Are you telling me that a decade-old Pentium 4 is as powerful as the latest Core i7? (Thay have the same clock rate!!)

jidery2661d ago

My 2.5ghz i7 wipes the destroys a 3.0ghz celeron.

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