TGH: Journey Beta Impressions: Sweet Isolation

TGH writes: ThatGameCompany has a bit of a reputation for crafting new and unique experiences. After bringing both Flow and Flower to PSN, expectations are high for the next evolution in their formula. In case you didn’t know, that next evolution is taking the form of Journey, a lonesome wandering adventure towards an unnamed mountain.

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ShadyDevil2659d ago

Simply put, the game is an art. The game is really an experience.

EVILDEAD3602659d ago

Would have loved to get into the beta..easily my most anticipated PSN title tight now..just with it got a release date.

Praying for 2011 releae..but it's probably wishful thinking..


Apocwhen2659d ago

I would imagine it will release this year seeing as the beta is already out there for some.

I've been in the Beta and it's an excellent game. Very unique and the graphics/art style is superb.

I have no hesitation picking this up Day one after the beta.

EVILDEAD3602659d ago

Good to hear the beta lives up to the previews..Thatgamecompany is fast becoming the Team Ico of this world by upping the originality and visual level of games today..about to throw on Flower in a few.

Journey is an absolute day one for me..super jealous of all you lucky fans who get into the beta


TheLastGuardian20102659d ago

Did anyone else get an Ico vibe from playing the beta?

Yeah games like these are games that kids should be experiencing in classrooms, and doing class room discussions.