Fallout: New Vegas Patch brings massive world optimizations

DSOGaming writes: "Bethesda announced that a new, massive patch will be released alongside the release of the latest DLC Pack, Old World Blues, for Fallout: New Vegas. Old World Blues is slated for release on July 19th, while this new patch will be released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC between now and Thursday."

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zinkabassy4755d ago (Edited 4755d ago )

I really liked it,.. Thought it was an better fallout experience overall,.. Than it fucked up my saves for the second time,.. and I sold it (PC),..
It is probably fixed by now,.. Might get it off steam if it is cheap or get a PS3 version second hand,..

BigBoss074755d ago

I think Fallout:NV went more back to the routes of the Fallout series by bringing it back to the west as well as making your choices in the story more open as well.

Fallout 3 was really my favorite though because it was a scripted narrative in an open world setting. Plus, Liam Neeson was your Dad. How cool is that?

Swiggins4755d ago

I kept wanting old Liam to say his line from Taken....

That would've been funny. =D

Eiffel4755d ago

I wish Liam Neeson was my dad...

Swiggins4755d ago

We all do....We all do.

zeeshan4755d ago (Edited 4755d ago )

I just got Fallout New Vegas (PS3) for $10 from Bestbuy!

NukaCola4754d ago

New Vegas is brilliant. Fallout 3 was the ultimate shock and awe for the franchise, but the story was linear. I loved it and the entire experience was amazing. I really think FNV did a lot more with immersing you in the game though. You had a short path you were set on but then it just continues to open up to so much more. The factions make the game so diverse. You aren't set on one path and you have so much to choose. Nothing is black and white, it's all subjective. NPCs have their own stories and quests, the seemingly right choice could inadvertantly me the worst decision. It's more about survival thatn Fallout 3. You aren't just on a journey anymore, you are really out their making your own destiny.

The bugs are inexcusable so fixing them is key. I hope with the new engine on Skyrim and maybe the idTECH5 used to, we can see flawlessness in the furute of all Bethesda (I do give mad props to Obsidian for creating a worth FO game) titles, because regardless of the issues that come with, they produce some of the most rewarding and immersive experiences in gaming.

Lifendz4754d ago

Reading the comments and I can't believe they still haven't fixed the bugs on the console version of the game. I was waiting for the game of the year edition to drop before I picked this up, but it sounds like the game is so broken it may not be worth it.

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Denethor_II4755d ago

I think you just missed the Stem summer sale where it was £8. I think it's £20 now.

mugoldeneagle034755d ago

Has New Vegas for $10, so I'm sure you can find it dirt cheap elsewhere as well.

Or wait a little longer and just pick up the GOTY edition

ToastyMcNibbles4755d ago

Its funny you mention about the saves thing. Just last night I was playing (PS3 version) and I encountered a saving bug. I tried to save and the game froze. Thought it was nothing but it kept happening. Deleted some old save files and that sorta helped. Now all of a sudden the game won't boot up at all. All I get is a black screen and nothing else. It wouldn't even prompt me to update the game.

I did everything I could do. Delete the game data utility, the DLC, restoring the PS3 default settings and even exchanged the game thinking maybe it was the disc. Still no luck. I can't play New Vegas anymore on my PS3. I had no choice but to exchange it for the Xbox 360 version. Imagine my frustration as I've put 80 hours of playtime into it. Now I have to start all over.

showtimefolks4754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

the ps3,xbox360 version for 9.99 i am not sure about pc

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Anon19744755d ago (Edited 4755d ago )

I love the game. I loved Fallout 3, but like Fallout 3 I hate that this is buggy as hell still. Crashed on me 3 times last night on my PS3 in about a 2 hour gaming session. Seriously, wtf? I can't remember the last time I had a game other then Fallout3 or New Vegas crash my PS3. I don't even know if it's ever happened.

Edit below: 20 hours? I wonder if I need to uninstall the data and re-install? Anyone tried this and find it effective on the PS3?

Pintheshadows4755d ago (Edited 4755d ago )

I had a smooth experience on PS3 for about 20 hours. But then it started crashing all over the shop. However I still really enjoyed it and felt it expanded on 3 very well. It's almost to much. I enjoyed the variety though. Obsidian gets a raw deal far too much.

I'm looking forward to a new Fallout game utilising the Skyrim engine.

Also I appear to have shed a bubble.

@keith. That sucks man. I'm aware I was lucky to go that long but after it got real bad. I gave up one night as it crashed 3 times. Fallout 3 was worse me. On one of my playthroughs it crashed every time I looked at the Citadel wether I was across the river or fast travelling to it. Walking backwards toward it worked but looking at the door automatically froze the game. Funny stuff.

keith-ps34755d ago

u got lucky mine started crashing 2 hours into it i have 7 hours in that game its to messed up for me to return maybe this big patch will fix everything

kaveti66164755d ago

I bag on Obsidian all the time because I feel that they don't do their own thing most of the time, and when they do they just make mediocre experiences.

Like with Alpha Protocol, some people here who played it will say it's a great game but I thought it was mediocre. It's not terrible, but Obisidian never rises to the challenge.

They tend to make sequels to successful IPs, like with Kotor and now Fallout.

And a lot of people on here said that they felt New Vegas had a better story and better writing (dialog) but I've been playing it for about 15 hours and I haven't come across anyone who has said anything interesting.

And the ammo creation mechanic seems to fall flat. I don't understand what I'm supposed to do. I went to a work bench and a reloading bench and I make the products from whatever I've collected and it's not real ammo.

Moragami4754d ago

Got the PC version a couple weeks back on D2D for $12.50. Love it even more than the first, and really glad to hear this patch is on the way, but even so, I can't say I've encountered any bugs yet.

ELinktricTears4755d ago

basically the patch we've been waiting for!

Paradicia4755d ago

That's a hell of a list. I've only recently got into New vegas, so this is good to hear.

joydestroy4755d ago

that is a ginormous list of fixes/updates!

Kevin McCallister4755d ago (Edited 4755d ago )

Excellent timing too. I just picked this up two days ago for $9.99 at Best Buy and it's great other than the 2 or 3 times it froze up on me.

GodsHand4754d ago

I don't see the goodsprings xp exploit fix, so basicly you could still level up to the max, and have a butt load of ammo, and leather armor before you even really start the game, and get double the perks.

Moragami4754d ago

That's an easy one. Don't use the exploit, and play the game as intended. Want God mode? Use the exploit. Definitely not something that should be high on their list of fixes.

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barb_wire4755d ago

Just announce the GOTY version already..

J@D4755d ago

dont u meaning the complete edition / ultimate edition?

theonlylolking4755d ago

Same here. I only buy games by bethesda after the GOTY edition comes out.

1.That gives them enough time to fix the glitches
2.I get free DLC and the game at a low price
3.their games are not good enough to buy day 1 at $60

KwietStorm_BLM4755d ago (Edited 4755d ago )

I love the Fallout universe, but I've never experienced more bug ridden games in my entire gaming life, especially New Vegas. I had no problem with the original Fallout 3, but the game of the year edition needed some bed rest. New Vegas froze my system 3 hours into the game. I knew what I was in for as soon as that happened, but I couldn't have seen just how many freezes and frame drops were coming. I don't know how you release a sequel running on the same engine and have the same bugs that you fixed previously. It actually got so bad that I would turn it off and not come back to it. It shouldn't take nearly a year for a patch just to fix glitches. I almost had to force myself to finish this game, and I haven't touched out since. Don't even care about the DLC.