MediaKick Review: Shadows Of The Damned

MediaKick: "A bit of background might be needed for those who don’t follow the lives of Japanese game developers. Shinji Mikami has become widely known as the father of survival horror, thanks to his creation of the Resident Evil franchise, including the overhaul of Resident Evil 4. Suda 51 (a pun-based nickname in Japanese for real name Goichi Suda,) is the man who stunned us all with the likes of No More Heroes and Killer 7. Both have joined their creative forces together, alongside Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka to bring us Shadows of the Damned. But with all these big names on board doing their own thing, is the game a collective masterpiece or are there a few creative disagreements?"

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Krugsy2666d ago

Man I dunno, I rented this out tonight and I was thoroughly enjoying it. Yes, it may not be the most polished game out there, but its got some good humor (if not too many phallic jokes)and some interesting concepts. The whole darkness thing has presented some good action scenarios. I think C is a bit harsh, I would have placed it in the B's.

bebojet2666d ago

Agreed, this game at least deserves a B. I'm on my second play through on Legion Hunter and still enjoying it.

SovereignSnaKe2666d ago

-i really liked this game!! short and sweet, but can you carry your saved data over to a second playthrough? i didn't try that last night??

SkirkRidgeEX2665d ago

Unfortunately you can't. There is no New Game+ option.