Why The Black Eyed Peas Game Is A Major Missed Opportunty

The world of musician/videogame tie-ins is largely dismal. For every surprisingly OK game like 50 Cent’s Bulletproof and Blood on the Sand, there are about 50 pieces of shovelware dressed up with a celebrity name. And then there are a few WTFs: Fred Durst appearing as a hidden character in the Fight Club video game, presumably so people can let him get punched in the face, or Snoop Dogg doing the same in True Crime: Streets of LA while spouting quips, or the entirety of Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker.

Which brings us to the Black Eyed Peas. We’re not sure what plot you could spin out of a Peas-themed game just going by their songs, except that it’d involve dancing, with a sidequest of hookups, shutting various places down, and other things that get games protested. But two things are certain: it would look and sound really good. BEP hardly invented futuristic visuals and dance-pop, but ever since The E.N.D. they certainly popularized them, to the point where big-name producers like Benny Blanco are throwing actual game sounds into Mike Posner songs. When the Peas’ songs suck, they suck hard (“My Humps”), but at their best, they’re cinematic, textured, and tiptoeing toward epic in a way that lends itself well to spectacle. And interactive spectacle is among the things gaming does best.

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BubbleSniper2658d ago

oh, man... serious?


JellyJelly2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

There's rumors about a really cool easter egg. If you squat long enough in front of the Kinect Fergie will piss her pants.

bangoskank2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

It could have been a first-person shooter in which the band members were the targets.

Moentjers2658d ago

or the title could have been:

"Why the performance at Rock Werchter last weekend was a major missed opportunity"

ok, they had to play AFTER Iron Maiden :-)

KMxRetro2658d ago

"For every surprisingly OK game like 50 Cent’s Bulletproof and Blood on the Sand"

...and there goes the credibility of the rest of this article.

SlickShoes2658d ago

That game was NOT terrible, it wasn't great but it was decent.

KMxRetro2657d ago

Which one? I listed two.

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