Sensui becomes Xbox Japan general manager

Microsoft announced at a press briefing in Japan for its upcoming fiscal year this morning that Takashi Sensui will fully take charge of Xbox in the country, heading up the Interactive Entertainment Business. His previous job seen him share commitments between Xbox, as well as Windows and Office software. In his new role, he will solely look after the Xbox business.

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MattS2754d ago

Wow does that guy have a tough gig.

Keith Olbermann2754d ago

Yes he does. I think MS did nearly everything it could to break into Japanese culture but failed. They bought a ton of JRPG exclusives and marketed the hell out of everything but...nothing.

zootang2754d ago

To think, Apple did it with ease.

gamingdroid2754d ago

It's branding! Japanese love brands.

Coach handbags sells like hotcakes over there. MS or Xbox doesn't exactly say sexy luxurious brand!

That said, there aren't many western products in general that sell in Japan.

BlmThug2754d ago

Yep, Japanese People Love Things That Come From Japan And Its Rare They Love Something That Isnt

perfectCarbonara2754d ago

Well then you're shit outta luck Sensui.

Mystogan2752d ago

Well good luck Sensui... Maybe he will succeed somehow?