Microsoft plotting more Xbox Kinect exclusives with Sega

CVG - Sega is planning to release more exclusive games for Microsoft's Kinect - as the publisher's strength of belief in the device continues to grow.

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BeastlyRig2663d ago

20 kinect exclusives & 4 hardcore exclusives ftw!!

Wizziokid2663d ago

yeah kinect exclusives, enjoy...

EVILDEAD3602663d ago

Look forward to 'Rise of the Nighmares' ...Looks like a campy version of horror ala Sega's House of Dead glory days.

I definately wouldn't mind if Sega did a Virtual-On Kinect..if they could pull it off that is..but I with the others..a new Shenmue hybrid game where you had Kinect usage mini-activities that would be a must-buy.


DigitalRaptor2663d ago

More Kinect = less Shenmue.

Not good.

ChrisW2663d ago

Kinect + Shenmue = ?

Maybe good?

Emilio_Estevez2663d ago

How dare you suggest such a thing!

phone game + a kinect game = all hope lost

ChrisW2663d ago

Wow... the rabid dogs are out in full force!

shayol33t2663d ago

Stupid Microsoft's constant insistence for bloody kinect-using games.

TBM2663d ago

Good to know so that I can avoid their games.

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The story is too old to be commented.