GTA V In 2012? Here’s Everything We Know

360 Magazine: Can Rockstar deliver GTA V in 2012? Rumours surrounding Rockstar’s potential mega-hit GTA V have once again surfaced, as 2012 is referred to by analysts and experts as the likeliest release date.

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Fishy Fingers2659d ago

Where? Hiding behind the multiplatform GTA?

lzim2659d ago

fat chance even as a black friday/xmas launch title on PS4

KMCROC2651d ago


stonecold32659d ago

could come out next year but then again rockstar would have there hands full at the moment they were working on agent maxpayne 3 so anything could happen

Dailynch2659d ago

But that doesn't mean it's not coming. It's about time they started working on more than one game at a time. Or at least announcing more than one at a time.

Fishy Fingers2659d ago

They do, they have several studios, they dont all work on the same game.

mr_porter2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

"the below video that was recently released gives a tantalising glimpse at what a new GTA could look like."

No thats GTA 4 running the new iCEnhancer 1.2 mod we have that now.

Dailynch2659d ago

Yeah, but it's still a GTA game running on stupid specs on an uber powerful PC so I don't quite see what part you're not getting?

qwertyz2659d ago

pc exclusive please... consoles are far too weak with tiny ram thats why gta 4 didn't look like this on pc.

lol even bulletstorm pc looks better than anything on consoles including gears of war 3 and uc3 so what does that tell you ? consoles have been outdated since 2006 when core 2 duo/quad and extreme cpus launched as well as the geforce 8 series gpus lol an 8800gt has more memory bandwidth graphics processing power and ram than your ENTIRE consoles and its not even the most powerful gpu of 2006. a core 2 duo(not even extreme or quad) can successfully emulate ps2 using software rendering at incredible speed and even crank up resolution to 1080p and STILL run and full speed(60fps) yet teh cell cannot even emulate its predecessor lol the ps3s with backwards compatability have the ps2s emotion engine in built they where later removed to save costs. so what does that tell you ? core 2 do> ps3 cell its only in video editing and transcoding(which the cell was designed for) that the cell can beat a core 2 duo but even with that a h a core 2 quad(not even the never i3.15,i7 nehalem or sandybridge) will destroy it. why else do you think apple took intel core 2 duo cpus over the cell and told IBM to go to hell? you think steve jobs is stupid ? look what hes done with apple lol hes obviously a very intelligent man. even the cells in the roadrunner super computers cannot be compared to the ps3 version as they are VASTLY superior in every way to the ones you have in your ps3. even the vastly superior cells where not enough to compete against amd and intel in the sever market so ibm had to come up with power6 and now the new power7 cpu. even toshiba had to replace spes with video transcoding hardware to boost performance as the spes simply weren't cutting it.

MrDead2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Yeah, fun gameplay and an engrossing a story are meaningless if the game isnt running a 1080 res with at least 80fps. I loose so much game time on consoles as it only takes me 7.5 hours to count the pixels, I can boost my PC to such a high resolution that it takes me a week to count them all, console gamers are missing out on all this extra content. The last GTA i could see a small hair sprouting mole on Nikos neck and a full 27 freckles, the consols had not one. Now tell me why play games if you cant see these things?

...... or am I missing the point of gaming?

ShabbaRanks2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Oh boy its funny how PC fan boys always brag, but did you know that based on a lot of statistics the average PC gamer doesn’t even have a good PC… Well not good enough

Anyway GTA games have always been made to play with a controller and before anyone tells me that you can on PC using the 360 controller, I’m aware of this lol.

And what about exclusives like Uncharted 3… Ya maybe it would look good on PC, but hell does it ever look great on PS3 and that’s the thing with consoles. It makes devs push limits even more then they Imagine.

PC gaming is a fucking joke with graphics cards that cost 700$ and am3+ motherboards already on the market when the AMD bulldozer isn’t even out yet. Ya for 700$ you can have a decent PC, but you know what I’m talking about… Shit like (Physx) it’s not even that special, because it’s all just software and not hardware.

And did you know that certain ATI cards from the same series are actually the same, but have some GPUs looked and then they sell them as less powerful. NVIDIA probably does the same…

Ya consoles are killing gaming… Tell that to Halo 1, tell that too God of War, tell that to Conker bad fur day N64, tell that to Medievil PS1, tell that to Super Mario… These are console games that changed gaming… But of course without PCs, consoles would not exist, but they do make some of the best games out there…

Personally I love gaming and some games are meant to be played on specific gaming devices. BF3 is made for PC, Halo is made for console and Mario is made for Nintendo

That’s all I have to say gentlemen

MrDead2659d ago

@ ShabbaRanks

I loved Medievil.

dan_chan892659d ago

I hope so, I miss GTA!!!!!!!!!! ah nostalgia.

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