Epic "dying to be a part" of next generation of Kinect games

OXM UK: "Epic Games wants to play a significant role in the next wave of Kinect development, and regards Unreal Engine 3 as a platform for game types besides meaty action releases."

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dirigiblebill2714d ago

Gears of War: Exile, anybody?

Active Reload2714d ago

I can tell by the comments that no one actually read the article, which means the comment section is filled with troll material.

mananimal2714d ago

thats cause in a nutshell, its the same BS, and peeps are hip to the nonsense. its called catching on to the scam....but i also can tell by your comment that TROLL is used for anything you disagree with, great! more labels, just what we all need, thanks

Active Reload2713d ago

Case and point, lol. Read the article, don't be a simpleton.

FlashXIII2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Dear Microsoft, please stop paying developers to feign excitement for flawed technology and instead invest it in good games.

Now unfaithfully yours,

xbox core gamer

lelo2play2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Just because you don't like Kinect, doesn't mean others don't. Why all the hate? If you like it, buy it... if not, then STFU and go play other games (multiplatform games :) )

By the sales numbers of Kinect... Microsoft doesn't have to pay developers to feign excitement. Developers see another way of making money. If i was a developer i would be investing in Kinect games.

FlashXIII2714d ago

Who said I don't like Kinect? I bought it Saturday and think the technology is good albeit flawed. It has potential as a games peripheral for "different" times of games. But I don't want the last few remaining core developers for the xbox releasing kinect stuff.

If I was a developer I'd be treading extremely cautiously with Kinect. The response to the new Fable and Ryse has been far too mixed to be jumping onto the kinect bandwagon.

Yes Kinect has sold well but have the games been selling as many? Not to mention I wonder how many of those 11m or whatever number it's at now can actually even play Kinect regularly due to the space requirements.

andrewsqual2714d ago

Work in a Gamestop, for your information nobody buys Kinect games. None of our actual gamers bother with it (the smart ones anyway). All people bought last Xmas was Kinect and the Dance game.

TyrionL2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

@ andrewsqual
I want to play too. OK, ready, set, here we go.

"I work at a GameStop and Kinect sells more than any other Item in the store. Everyone buys it, and the games that go with it as well. Therefore Kinect is, simply put, the bees knees everywhere else in the world, because it sales at my store."

See the store I work at represents the world, not the store you work at. My fact is better than yours. For YOUR information.

EVILDEAD3602714d ago

@ Flash..

Why 'feign' that you bought Kinect on Saturday..then troll an article today?...makes a lot of sense..

I love seeing the hypocrisy when it comes to Kinect..

Good tech..but has no core games..

When core games get announced..then it's..I don't want core games for Kinect

Who cares what people are saying about Fable and Ryse right now..The games won't be released until at least next fall..over a year from now. If Lionhead and Crytek pull off some amazing experiences and sell successfully then the naysayers will be singing a completely different tune.

Your STILL talking about the space requirements, but now there is a device to reduce the requirements even further. Still the interesting part is even Move's pack-in game recommended more room than the Kinect minimum to play, but nobody talked about it.

If Micrsoft plays it's cards right Kinect could double their install base by next holiday.

This times well with the next wave of games

Mass Effect 3

Ghost Recon & all future Clancy titles (read: Rainbow Six)

EA will use Kinect for all of next years' huge sports title..Madden, Fifa, and Tiger Woods

The Japanese wave kicks in with Rise of the nighmares, Panzer Dragoon, and Steel Batallion

And now Epic may jump into the fray with Gears of War Exile..why wouldnt Epic be excited to be at the forefront of Kinect?


Miiikeyyy2714d ago

In the North East of England they are selling Kinect games for 4 pounds or less in some Game shops, No one is buying them

matey2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Microsoft do what Nintendo would never do and thats pay these developers stupid money so they talk up there devices ive played Kinect and its not reliable so what ever Valve/EA/DARKSIDERS DEV/UBISOFT/ACTIVISION HAVE all said the wiiu control interface adds alot more to coregames than Kinect or move could ever do

GameOn2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

You have an odd way of writing and some punctuation mite help.

But basically I agree, although the Wii-U tacpad is a different genera of controller to Kinect and Move.

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TheLastGuardian20102714d ago

When the games aren't on rails, then we'll talk.

TBM2714d ago

Wow these kinect love affair articles are going hardbody with this stuff huh?

Alos882714d ago

Geez, quit fellating Microsoft already,you like Kinect, we get it.

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