Call Of Duty Zombie Maps: How They Rank

Nazi zombies, what to say about it. Other than that its one of the most addicting horde modes to date that will keep you glued to the tv for days and nights on end. With the recently released Shangra-Li it makes 10 maps which means its review time. These are how the 10 maps rank in my opinion.

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xPhearR3dx2661d ago

I'm just waiting for a stand alone Zombie game. Only good thing about COD IMO.

TheMrMalro2660d ago

The only good thing about CoD is the zombies. Only reason I buy the games and the maps.

the_best_player2660d ago

Killing Floor on Steam is the best zombie game out, go try it!

xPhearR3dx2660d ago

Ive heard this alot, but ive never tried it.

Foxhound9222660d ago

Wow this list is almost exactly as I would have put it. The only exception is number 10. Playing on the Five with 3 of my buddies in LAN mode is awesome. We get all our pack a punched weapons and ray guns and just camp in the elevator in the 2nd floor lab and blast them as they come down the hall way. If we got overrun we would just use the elevator and the doors closed lol But seriosuly everyone who plays zombies should play on LAN mode. Its so much better than playing online with dumbasses that have no idea what they're doing. Get 2 PS3s, 4 controllers, and two copies of black ops. Now you can play with your buddies who are next to you WITH NO LAG! And since you in the same room, you can strategize and planagize till' your hearts content.

xPhearR3dx2660d ago

Lol, planigize =)
But what would you have put at 10 instead of 5?

Foxhound9222657d ago

Yeah I like to make up words sometimes =p But dead ops is deff the worst its an arcade shooter and shouldnt be on the list. but besides that, call of the dead has got to be probably number 9 or 10. The five is way better and has better characters and plot. So I would just switch call of the dead and the five.