Cave Story 3D trailer debuts

Cave Story is one of the indie games that everyone should try. Not only because of the detail to be produced, designed and programmed by the same person, Daisuke Amaya, also because it is one of the best platforms that have come to light in recent years.

His remake, Cave Story 3D, which is to rebuild the game in three dimensions, finally come to 3DS November 8, thanks to Nippon Ichi and Nicalis, a delay from what was expected to be justified, according to Jack Niida (producer NIS America), to refine this work to one hundred percent. While, here we have this trailer for the highly anticipated title.

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Venox20082713d ago

I love this game! I will buy the 3DS version again! :)

rexbolt2712d ago

those lvs arent in the one for the wii o.o so it will have new lvsd and stuff to as what i can see

charmer2712d ago

wow this games looks interesting and they said they updated the graphics for the 3ds too...

Venox20082711d ago

...and will include something new+ 3d effect