There's Too Many Frickin' Games – November Edition

"October was a tremendous month for games; I have a huge pile of things I've been meaning to play that came out in the past few weeks, but Team Fortress 2 and Halo 3 are still dominating my playing time. This upcoming month is going to be even crazier, though. Crysis. Super Mario Galaxy. Assassin's Creed. Call of Duty 4. Unreal Tournament 3. Rock Band. Mass Effect. I'll stop myself there before I get to around November 13, when something in the neighborhood of 100 games are coming out, including multiple iterations of Petz across every platform ever – and this is the same day Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? comes out. Decisions, decisions". -Gaming Today

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happyjimmy4872d ago

Can't wait for November to roll out the game treasure box!

Umbrella Corp4872d ago

I agree,dangt there are not enough games that are really good!

Tsukasah4872d ago

UT3 = buy - 60
Folklore = buy - 60
R&C = buy - 60
UT3 = buy - 60
COD4 = buy - 60
GHIII = buy - 100
Rock Band = buy - 160
Oblivion GOTY = buy - 60
Uncharted = buy - 60
Haze = buy - 60

..... and the select few Wii games that i actually find attractive.. probably around 100...

Total = $840 ...eek and that's just for all the good ps3 games and 2 wii games...

and i'm still getting my nephews halo 3 for their 360s... which btw made great christmas lights last christmas =D ...i still have to get my dad a PS3, my mom all the alfred hitchcock movies on DVD... =[ good thing i didnt buy any new toys this year.. looks like i'll have just barely enough..

i LOVE christmas >.>

socomnick4871d ago

wow your wallets going to be hurting.

ikkokucrisis4871d ago

That's pretty amazing that you would spoil your parents like they were your kids!

ParaDise_LosT4871d ago

Assassin's creed and Mass Effect is a rent for me ^_^
So My wallet will survive the holidays....for the most part
I might buy a ps3(40g) soon, but i think i'll wait for 08

kushkuman4871d ago


AngryTypingGuy4871d ago

This is why I wasn't that bummed when GTA IV and in the 360's case, UT3 were pushed back to 2008. Not only is this Christmas season kicking ass, but the first quarter of 08 is going to be great too. The new Splinter Cell will be awesome as well.